Can you take delivery at Fremont?

Can you take delivery at Fremont?

Hi everyone.

Does anyone know if it's possible to order a car, and plan to take delivery in Fremont?
If so, would that expedite things vs. east coast delivery?
If so, would it remove the delivery charge from the total?

The last question is least important because I'd like to plan a cross country trip with my son and this would be a great way to do it one-way IN A TESLA!


jimglas | 21. toukokuu 2019

delivery charge is unchanged with fremont delivery

stevenmaifert | 21. toukokuu 2019

And you will pay California sales tax on a Fremont delivery which you may or may not get credit for when registering the car in your home state.

JW_100D | 21. toukokuu 2019

Thanks all.

sschaem | 21. toukokuu 2019

Also if there is anything wrong with the car, it will make it harder for you to refuse delivery since you depend on the car to get you back home and you will need to make an appointment where you live for service.

EVRider | 21. toukokuu 2019

And taking a cross country road trip in the car before you know there are no issues is a bit risky.

David N | 26. toukokuu 2019

Others have done the long road trip home from delivery. It’s a great time to expierance and learn about the car. It’s a long drive from coast to coast. Consider the California sales tax also.
Good luck if you decide to give it a go, sounds like a great father/son trip.
Let us know what you decide.

llim3306 | 29. toukokuu 2019

Just ordered my regular Model 3 a few days ago. Looking at my order list I see a $4,500 extra charge for SR+. Why the extra charge if I order the standard range. I am brand new to Tesla and the forum board and would appreciate any and all advice. Thanks all. | 29. toukokuu 2019

@llim3306 - Did you order online? Only the SR can be ordered in person or by phone (i.e. not on the website). If you did order the SR, perhaps the person at Tesla entered the wrong info - you'll likely need to contact the person that helped you (in the store), or call to see what is going on.