Navigation Zoom?

Navigation Zoom?

New owner. Was using the navigation today and noticed that the map doesn't change when you get close to a turn or other navigation change. One of the great things about Waze is that it zooms in when you have to make a turn so you can clearly see what you are supposed to do. Does the Tesla navigation have that capability? I've looked all over and have seen nothing about it and there doesn't appear to be any option in the navigation app that is relevant.

EVRider | 31. toukokuu 2019

The map does zoom in and out automatically, but it’s always enabled and there’s no option to control it. Sometimes manually zooming the map in and out will temporarily disable auto zooming, but it should happen again as long as the car’s position is being tracked.

twistedskipper | 31. toukokuu 2019

If it doesn’t zoom, you might need to change the display mode. “Compass” icon in upper right switches through the available modes. Make sure it’s in North Up or Guidance, not Trip.

Boomer543 | 31. toukokuu 2019

I thought I was "North Up" but will check and make sure I'm not set to "Trip". Thanks!

rob | 31. toukokuu 2019

Also, if you tap on the Navigate icon to display the route details then the map will pull out of zoom.

Boomer543 | 31. toukokuu 2019

Took the car out and cycled through the options. I did get what I wanted with Guidance, but not North Up. Thanks for everyone's help!

patpeke | 01. kesäkuu 2019

The inability to choose a "zoom" level is really hard to deal with, as even ancient Toyota navi systems from the mid-2000's allowed you do do that. I do NOT like the zoomed out approach that my M3 sticks with, and should be able to choose a zoom level and hold it there. It's the same with my HD2 channel on the FM dial- it always reverts to the HD1 when I leave the car. It's a couple frustrating software-related issues that impact the usability of the car (don't get me wrong- I love my M3 no matter!). But it would seem very easy for Tesla to fix these. And while they're at it? adding a weather overlay to the navi map seems right up the alley of what Tesla is currently offering, am I right?

billlake2000 | 01. kesäkuu 2019

Don't forget, typically it's all prioritized, so easy things might not be done ahead of other things. For example, emissions mode was deemed something without which our lives would indeed be unfulfilled. Capisce?

martin.henk | 12. lokakuu 2019

This is something we're also struggling with a lot. I actually really like the zoomed out view when the next turn is far. But right before the turn it could zoom in much closer. We had to navigate a part of the city last night that we didn't know and this made us take several wrong turns. Such a simple little thing and so much frustration towards the car in the end. Hope there's a fix coming soon.