Supercharging not working

Supercharging not working

My Model S is a problem with supercharging. It is 2015 85D I tried a number of places and it fails to start charging. The error I get is unable to charge Check power source. It was suggested that change the limit and it finally worked. But even that took a few tries. Before I tried 2 different supercharger locations and different stations within each of the sites. It also does not work CHademMo adaptor as well.

Bighorn | 04. kesäkuu 2019

Several failures can cause this—master charger, charge port, high voltage junction box. Tesla can diagnose these fairly easily. | 05. kesäkuu 2019

I have an appointment a couple of weird things 1) charge fine with Level 2 2) Can start working if reset the charge level. And other people have had the same issue.

Silver2K | 05. kesäkuu 2019

"And other people have had the same issue."

Thanks for letting us know....

jwilcott | 05. heinäkuu 2019

Stranded in Palm Springs. Supercharging not working. “Try AC” error. Hard restart, no luck. Roadside service is no help. They told me to try another station. Drove to another supercharging station 20miles away, same error. It’s 105 degrees here. 10% battery left.

jwilcott | 05. heinäkuu 2019

2015 Model S 70 ^

Bighorn | 05. heinäkuu 2019

Sounds like it’s the car, not the station, then. Tesla can diagnose that OTA.

PeteB Lake Oswego | 05. heinäkuu 2019

@Silver, :)

jwilcott | 08. heinäkuu 2019

@bighorn I agree, the first roadside assistance person was not very helpful. I drove to another super charging station and got the same error. I then went out to find a destination charger or level two charger, after a few failed attempts of that, I finally found one at the ace hotel. Charging started! I called roadside again and this time I got a very helpful person who immediately saw supercharging error on my car and transferred me to the local Tesla service Center that was right down the road. The service center gladly took me in and did a full diagnosis and found that the heater for the batteries wasn’t working. So no level III charging available. So I’m still trying to set up appointment to get that looked at. I tried using the app to set up an appointment at Burbank since I live in LA and then within a few hours I just get a random text message saying Palm Springs is going to handle this and they canceled my appointment. Still trying to set up another appointment. I can’t get through on the phone, they just suggest using and starting a chat so I’m waiting for a Tesla expert to jump on this chat it’s been about 20 minutes.