No more loaners?

No more loaners?

Got a service appointment scheduled for this Friday that'll require me to leave the car. Got a text from the SC yesterday saying they'll provide an uber to take me home. So I asked if that means that tesla isn't providing any loaners. Got an answer today confirming that and saying they'll provide uber credits. So am I expected to uber everything from commuting to groceries using uber? This happening everywhere or just at my closest SC?

spuzzz123 | 19. kesäkuu 2019

I’ve read some still have loaners. It probably all depends on loaner availability, length of service, etc. and im sure they give priority to higher prices models. From what I’ve read they’ll give you a gift card with supposedly more than you need and you keep the change

jamespompi | 19. kesäkuu 2019

@Fish, $1.17 cost per mile for vehicle operation/ ownership is insanely inaccurate.

legna_fo_htaed | 19. kesäkuu 2019

I need to set up a service appointment for a crack in my rear window that appears overnight. I live 140 miles from a service center. Bet they better have a loaner.

lbowroom | 19. kesäkuu 2019

They don't have infinite loaners. Doesn't mean they don't have loaners.

rkalbiarEV | 19. kesäkuu 2019

WTF!? I hope this is not true!

foodking | 19. kesäkuu 2019

At least at my closest SC, they flat out said no loaners.

"The service center no longer provides loaner or rental vehicles. You will be provided Uber credits to coer your rides while the vehicle is in for service. -Tesla Service"

After I asked about using uber for groceries and errands.

"Our technicians are working to pre-diagnose and pre-order any necessary parts to minimize the time the vehicle is in for service. We strive for a 24 hour turnaround but your service advisor will keep you updated in case anything changes. If Uber does not work with your needs you are welcome to purchase a rental vehicle through Enterprise. Enterprise will be able to quickly drop off a vehicle to you at the service center when you check-in for service. -Tesla Service"

foodking | 19. kesäkuu 2019

asked about them covering the rental costs. I can't be ubering to/from everywhere i go. That's why i bought a car. Also got kids, do i bring car seats with me everywhere?

I understand they need to cut costs, but if they need to fix things that break covered by their warranty, isn't that covered under their insurance?

apodbdrs | 19. kesäkuu 2019

My Model 3 is at the Service Center, I am driving a Model S loaner. Didn't even ask, Tesla just provided while my car is checked out.

lbowroom | 19. kesäkuu 2019

I don't want to jump ahead as I can't confirm that the loaner program is over. But I can answer your general question.

Of course they need to fix things that break under warranty, but that doesn't extend to covering your travel costs while doing so.

Passion2Fly | 19. kesäkuu 2019

I confirm that. I just got my car checked in at the San Diego SC and I was sent home with Uber. No more loaners except for Model S/X drivers. These high end models still get the red carpet... for now...

legna_fo_htaed | 19. kesäkuu 2019

I'm so curious how Tesla will handle different situations. Not all of us live in areas anywhere near a service center, and some of us live in areas where Uber is basically non existent.

jimglas | 19. kesäkuu 2019

it is a 2 hour drive for me to the closest SC. I wonder how that is going to work?
Hopefully mobile service can help me out if I need something.

Mazinger_T | 19. kesäkuu 2019

Should I consider myself lucky? I dropped off my M3 at the SC last Friday at 4pm, asked them how long the visit will take since I had an appointment that evening. They advised me to return on Sunday if I needed a loaner, and had no issues picking up the MS loaner on Father's Day at 9am! It was a bit dirty from the previous users (map looks like they've been all over CA!) but I'm glad I have a car to use and not have to Uber or Lyft to work.

My issues were addressed, no major work done, luckily. They are sending the info from the driver's side rocker panel with the paint imperfections to Tesla engineering. Paint looks a little rippled towards the rear, barely noticeable and not a big deal - but an imperfection anyway.

Not sure how some SC's have loaners and some not, maybe depending on the location and the contract they have with Enterprise. I'm in SoCal, so maybe due to demand? The service center in Buena Park is quite busy, and their parking lot is always full, I've never gone to the LA or Costa Mesa location. My service tech texted me this morning that my car is ready for pickup, so I'm appreciative of their follow up, since I did not receive any notifications or emails from the Tesla App. I'll be sure to thank the SC team for my first experience with them a positive one! I hope other Tesla owners receive the good service I have - it sure made up for the delivery day fiasco in the rain :-) Hang in there, there IS hope!

djroberts | 19. kesäkuu 2019

Support told me there policy is: Loaner (first come first serve). If none are available then: Rental (via Enterprise). If none are available then Uber/Lyft credits.

calvin940 | 19. kesäkuu 2019

When my brand new Porsche 911 C4 Coupe engine failed after around 3000miles, they did not provide me a loaner or rental. You folks need to get a reality check. I would have loved uber credits.

lbowroom | 19. kesäkuu 2019

So is it possible that the response people have had that there are no loaners or rentals available were very narrow minded applying only to the specific customer trying to schedule at that particular time and people are misreading that as a policy shift to eliminate loaners?

patesla | 19. kesäkuu 2019

My M3 was in the SC for a week due to an issue with the AC, and they provided Uber vouchers for the entire period. So basically I Uber'd everywhere I would have driven. It was a bit annoying, but definitely a better option than being left without transportation (like what dealers do). When I went to pick up my car, however, they were in fact handing over a loaner to a MX owner. So not sure if the loaners are just for S/X owners only or if it's just a general availability thing.

h2ev | 19. kesäkuu 2019

My Lexus dealer gives me a loaner for even the most routine maintenance like oil changes at my request as long as one is available, and both my current Lexus are out of warranty.

Prior to buying my previous 2 Lexus from the same dealership, I asked my salesman for an extended weekend test drive. Each time they obliged by pulling a matching model from their loaner fleet for me to keep for the weekend.

I know it's fashionable to hate on Lexus around here, but I'll tell you their service is second to none.

Tuning In | 19. kesäkuu 2019

I got quoted $312 for an alignment from the SC (about 3x what the going rate is around here and 60% more than an Audi dealer), yet they still don't make enough profit to continue providing loaners...

Unfortunately, there's nothing on the horizon that will tip the scales to when we will get great service at a fair price.

Kathy Applebaum | 19. kesäkuu 2019

> I know it's fashionable to hate on Lexus around here, but I'll tell you their service is second to none.

This really depends on the individual dealer. I owned a Lexus for 15 years, and in that time got exactly one loaner. The rest of the time, if I dropped off first thing in the morning I got a ride home in a courtesy shuttle (my workplace was 20 miles away so they wouldn't take me there), and no offer of a ride back. If I dropped off mid day, no ride.

hzb | 19. kesäkuu 2019

>Disadvantage of buying a Tesla is risk of frequent, expensive and inconvenient repairs.

what total BS! I have two Teslas. repairs are rare, reasonably priced, and convenient. IMHO the main reason to buy a Tesla is NO DEALERS.

DCComet | 19. kesäkuu 2019

They gave me $200 in Lyft credits for my windshield replacement appointment. I thought it was much more efficient than dealing with a loaner.

jd4714 | 19. kesäkuu 2019

When my previous car (Caddy SRX) went in for service the local dealer had an Enterprise agent on site to handle loaners. Does it really matter where the loaner comes from as long as you get one?

Marbix | 19. kesäkuu 2019

For my most recent service appt at the Costa Mesa SC on June 6th, I drove home in an Enterprise rental S75D after my 8:15am dropoff.

Loaners have never been guaranteed there, but you increase your odds with an early morning appt to get one before they're all loaned out.

calvin940 | 19. kesäkuu 2019


Many of us have learned to ignore his/her posts.

amceachin | 19. kesäkuu 2019

Same experience as Marbix at the Costa Mesa SC. Was told if a loaner was available when I arrived, I'd get one. If not, I'd get uber credits. Turns out they had a loaner for me when I arrived.

rainismine | 19. kesäkuu 2019

I just had a service appt this past Monday in San Francisco. They said they don't give out loaners in that location anymore. I got a $100 Uber voucher which expired by midnight.

slingshot18 | 19. kesäkuu 2019

I’ve received a loaner 3 out of the 4 SC appointments. To not get one on a $60k car is not acceptable.

tom.wyrick | 17. heinäkuu 2019

I just dropped off my Model X for warranty service and they issued me Uber credits. (They said how it works is they give you a $100 voucher per day until your car is ready.) It looks like if you use less than that ,the balance stays on your Uber account until you do use it in the future.

It also appears this makes it flexible for you to order any kind of Uber you find suitable. (EG. Uber-X is the default, but if you don't have real far to go and just want the Uber to go home from the dealer -- nothing's stopping you from ordering a fancy car via Uber Black.)

I wasn't happy about this initially .... but you know? The voucher is generous enough so it actually worked for me. (I have a long drive home from the office, which is another drive from the service center. Uber-X got me to work from the service center, and then from there back home with credit to spare.)

Uber is a bit troublesome when I want to take it FROM my house, because I live far out in a smaller town where there aren't as many people driving for them. But if I use the app, someone will show up here ... Just may require a 20 minute wait or so.

I guess what I've learned, though, is even having a Model S or X in for service doesn't mean you get a loaner vehicle. Uber is the new Tesla solution for any time they're out of loaners or rentals.

lbowroom | 17. heinäkuu 2019

"Uber is the new Tesla solution for any time they're out of loaners or rentals."

When they are out of loaners.....

slingshot18 | 18. heinäkuu 2019

I picked up my car from SC last week. I was given a loaner S for 8 days.

sbeggs | 19. heinäkuu 2019

San Diego Miramar Service Center, Sunday July 14. Fifth annual service for Model S. Given loaner from Enterprise rental, S75D, returned it after six hours when service was complete.

david2013 | 12. elokuu 2019

Over the years, the complimentary transportation service has downgraded from a Tesla loaner, Enterprise rental, to Lyft credits, to nothing. In August, I showed up for my service appointment not knowing that they have eliminated the Lyft credits. Previously, other dealerships offered a courtesy ride via their cars/shuttle. These days, most dealerships offer a Lyft ride to/from work.

Kathy Applebaum | 12. elokuu 2019

I'm still convinced this is on a per-SC basis. A couple of weeks ago I gave a ride at an EV ride-along event to a guy who is part of the local Enterprise team that handles loaners for the local SC. (He wanted a ride in a 3 because he drives the S all day long and wanted to see what something in his price range was like). As far as he knew, the local program wasn't going away.

teslashoaks | 12. elokuu 2019

No loaner is bad service and a bad policy for a luxury brand of $100K+ cars. I made an appointment for Van Nuys SC. I received a text that I will get Uber credits for travel while the car is in service or have the option of paying Enterprise $85+fees/day if I want my own car. Text said Tesla will pay for the rental "for special circumstances only that require an extended service appointment." I am still under warranty and was told when I purchased my S that I would have a loaner whenever I brought my car in for service. For those who prefer an Uber, great, take that option but with my travel requirements, that is not convenient for me. I tried calling the SC for more information but there is no option to speak with a human anymore, which is also not acceptable service in this market. When I dropped my car, the service person told me only Uber credits are offered unless the car will be in for at least a week, no exceptions. Tesla gives you a voucher for $100 per day for the number of days Tesla anticipates your car will be in service. If your car is in service 4 days, you will receive $400 in credits, which you can use in one day or over the four days. If you exceed the total credits, you pay. If you have credits remaining at the end of the four days, they expire. Tesla no longer competes with other luxury brands offering loaners to Tesla's detriment. Elon has said it best: "If your car does need service, then it should be swapped with a car that is ideally better in some or many ways." That was true then and is still true now.

raqball | 12. elokuu 2019

Kathy Applebaum | August 12, 2019
I'm still convinced this is on a per-SC basis.
The Portland SC offers loaners.. Heck I dropped mine of to have the tires swapped and they offered me one if I wanted to go get lunch they they did the work.

Another time I dropped it off to have a minor dash blemish fixed, they offered a loaner as well... I

jordanrichard | 12. elokuu 2019

teslashoaks, go to your local Lamborghini dealer and see if they hand out keys to Aventador loaner cars.

jerrykham | 12. elokuu 2019

In my Model S when I had my 12,500 mile service the Dublin, CA service center gave me a gas car loaner through their Enterprise rent a car deal. I just (last Friday) had my 25,000 mile service. They said "we are out of loaners". I at first just figured - since they canceled their deal with Enterprise - they were really saying "we don't do loaners anymore". But a co-worker had his on-board charger replaced two weeks ago at the same service center (he has a Model 3) and they loaned him a Model S). So they do have a few - but not many. I had to use their Uber voucher to get back to work. It worked OK. Only about a 2 minute wait for a driver. Overall this wasn't a bad experience.

charles.a.braun | 12. elokuu 2019

@teslashoaks - When was this experience at Van Nuys? It has been a couple of months now, but my last service appointment there (Airbag recall) was a couple of months ago. I initially got the text message saying that I would be given Uber credits.

When I arrived, I told them that I didn't expect to be around for more than an hour or 2 and that I would wait in the Service Center waiting area while they performed the work.

A few minutes later there was a guy handing me keys (OK, FOB) for an Enterprise Rental Model S and telling me that my car was not going to be done until the next day.

While Tesla was spending a day and a half taking care of the airbag recall at the service center, I was reading the rave reviews from others that were getting their Airbag Recalls fixed by mobile techs in "about an hour".

Bottom line though, I had an Enterprise Rental and not Uber Credits from Van Nuys.

vmulla | 12. elokuu 2019

I'm totally onboard with Tesla's approach to making things work for the customer on a case by case basis.
I love it that Tesla is using Uber/Ride-sharing. Just mind-blown impressed at the approach.
Tesla is playing the long game and preparing for a shared automobile and transportation services future. What better way to do this than to ease customers to a Uber mindset? They're using the opportunity to influence customers towards an inevitable future.

I'm super impressed
- at the way they're addressing the long term vision
- at turning a challenge into an opportunity
- at taking care of the customer at a case by case basis

CST | 12. elokuu 2019

When a Tesla owner is killed in a ride-share crash, it'll be interesting to see if there is a lawsuit filed against Tesla.

spuzzz123 | 12. elokuu 2019

You must be joking. How could you go after Tesla for that? Not sure if you would even have a case against Uber. Doesn’t sound like much of a liability for Tesla to me maybe rxlawdude will weigh in

lbowroom | 12. elokuu 2019

Sounds like the loaner program is still active. Obviously there is a finite number available at any given time which can be supplemented with other rentals and Uber/Lyft credits.

legna_fo_htaed | 12. elokuu 2019

I am still hesitant to get my back window fixed due to this. Living 140 miles from the nearest SC and not having many Uber/Lyft drivers in my area makes me very hesitant to get an issue that isn't even my fault fixed..

cnistal1 | 12. elokuu 2019

Dropped my M3 off this morning for the "stinky car" issue. Van Nuys SC in SoCal. For the first time since I have owned the car (3/18), I was not given a loaner. They gave me Uber credits instead. I completely understand that it's not possible to offer everyone a loaner. I'm totally fine with the Uber credits to get to work and back.

vmulla | 12. elokuu 2019

Keep us posted on what they did to resolve the problem with your car.
As you might have noticed the 'fresh start' stinky car thread is dead. It's a pattern to trash talk in threads with good info, or kill them one way or the other.

JPPTM | 12. elokuu 2019

Dublin CA Service Center still has an Enterprise desk for loaners.

CST | 12. elokuu 2019

@spuzzz123 - argument could be made: Sales info / Elon tweet that you'll always be given something equal or better when dropping off at service. Customer is surprised at the desk that the policy has changed - given ride-share credit. Leaves, and is injured or killed in a crash. Makes case that they expected to be in control of any vehicle for the trip. Also, the car the were put in wasn't as safe as the Tesla they paid for.

vmulla | 12. elokuu 2019

Your argument is at odds with the robo-taxi concept.

CST | 12. elokuu 2019

@vmulla - how is that? If the Tesla is the safest car available? The argument is that the Tesla owner is put into the position of not only riding with a likely less-capable driver, they will be in a less safe vehicle as well. The odds of injury would be higher.