Tesla M3 LR RWD is now parity with ICE for coast to coast road trip

Tesla M3 LR RWD is now parity with ICE for coast to coast road trip

I, personally declare near parity with ICE now. Your opinion is free to differ.
I just completed a round trip run between Newport News, VA and Long Beach, CA (I guess I should have detoured a few miles south to Newport Beach, CA for a poetic conclusion) in our Model 3 Long Range Rear Wheel Drive. I completed the trip from East to West solo in 3 days with no caffeinated drinks (a few M&Ms probably had some caffein). My West to East was distracted by meeting up with my parents along the way, thus slowing it down to 3.5 easy days. My longest day was from Albuquerque, NM to Mt Vernon, IN, a total of 1135 miles in about 20 hours.
I’m not going to go into great technical details because I spent my time driving, eating, and sleeping, not taking copious notes.
I’ll post separately about a few interesting experiences I encountered.
With some extreme exceptions, this is about as good as one can do in an ICE.
I credit the phenomenal supercharging upgrade where I saw supercharging speed as high as 640 mph at 150 kW or about 100 miles of range in about 10 minutes for about the first 100 miles, then about 15 minutes for the next 100 miles and a much slower charge rate after 200 miles SoC.
Even a year ago, I figured it would be several decades more before I saw this capability. The Model 3 is awesome. I can’t wait until the Model S, X, Y, Truck, etc get the fantastic charging capability of the Model 3.
Thanks Tesla for, yet again, under-promising, then over-delivering!
Go Tesla!

jimglas | 19. kesäkuu 2019

another happy customer

Mike83 | 20. kesäkuu 2019

Agree completely. Teslas are also safer, faster and more fun

Tesla-David | 20. kesäkuu 2019

@Earl and Nagin. I couldn’t agree with you more. You are spot on correct. We are getting greater than 100 percent efficiency in our LR RWD M3 over past 16 months. We absolutely love our M3, and Tesla hit a home run+++ with this vehicle.

lancepompe | 20. kesäkuu 2019

So good to hear this, I take delivery of my LR RWD M3 tomorrow and really looking forward to what sounds like a great car!

SamO | 20. kesäkuu 2019

I did that drive in an S60 in 2014.

Much easier in the LR 3.

+1 earl

Tesla-David | 21. kesäkuu 2019

Yes @SamO, I remember well your posts of that trip, which helped me get ready for our cross country trip later that year.

Earl and Nagin ... | 21. kesäkuu 2019

I applaud your trip showing that cross country drive is possible with an S60. I did a few even earlier long-distance trips as well including an EV1 from LA to SJ and a Tesla Roadster from LA to Salt Lake City. These were done before there was much EV infrastructure and what there was was few and far between.
Unfortunately, what we really proved with these early trips was that, while long distance EV travel was possible, if you looked carefully, you really saw that it was really not practical.
For a bit of history, here's a list of other famous cross-country trips that also proved EV travel to be possible but difficult:
1968 - Caltech <-> MIT race across the country in conversions
1998 Kris Trexler - gen 1 EV1- LA to Detroit
~2000 David Swan and the Late William Korthov - gen II EV1 - coast to coast USA
1999 MIchael Cramer - Tesla Roadster - first known Tesla across the country
2011 Rafael de Mestre - Tesla Roadster - round the world trip in an EV