Sentry Mode crashed my AP - here’s the fix

Sentry Mode crashed my AP - here’s the fix

So yesterday when I began my drive home, I quickly noticed something strange: none of my AP systems were functioning. I had no TACC, no AP, and none of the other stuff was showing on my dash. No lane lines, no nearby traffic, nothing.

Did some calling to service and to a Tesla Ranger. What happened was Sentry mode was active that day, and because it was on, my AP system couldn’t reset properly and crashed. Soft reset & power down didn’t clear it.

What did bring my AP back was to disable Sentry mode, and power down the car to sleep level for two hours. After that, my AP worked fine.

There is a software patch to prevent this from happening coming, but in the meantime, this is something that people will need to watch out for. | 04. heinäkuu 2019

While not 100% clear, it seems it is more likely to happen if you use a small flash drive and let it fill up so there is no more room on the drive.

To avoid this, you can either not use Sentry mode, or remove the saved sentry files before it fills up.

If you use a large drive (128 GB or larger) you can go for a month or two without having to erase the files. Partly depends on how much activity Sentry mode sees. You can also disable Sentry mode at home, which further reduces the amount of drive space used.

I wrote this article to help pick usb drives, formatting, avoiding fakes, and other tips that may help:

Vawlkus | 04. heinäkuu 2019

I have AP 2.0 hardware, so I don’t bother with the flash drive at all.

I did some tests, but discontinued when the files were all junk. | 04. heinäkuu 2019

Yep, flash drive worthless for video on HW2.0! Ok, ignore everything I said :)

ddennard | 04. heinäkuu 2019

The last two updates, both in the past week, have caused my X to say it's in reboot mode every time I've stopped. Annoying when you are trying to run errands. The average wait is about 3 minutes before I can drive again. And, my navigation says it is rebooting but never finishes. Fortunately I haven't needed it this week. On the one trip where I wanted to know the traffic, I used my phone. Is this the Sentry mode?

ddennard | 04. heinäkuu 2019

Update. Dug out my old instructions on doing a full manual reboot. Other than a name change on where to find the power off in the control manual (now under safety & security), the full manual reboot and power off did the trick on restoring the systems. And no, Sentry mode had nothing to do with these updates not being successful.