Spare Tire

Spare Tire

Bought a front spare tire and rim for the Model X and built a custom storage compartment in the rear storage area.I covered the tire with a custom built box made out of 1/4 plywood and covered it with a matching fabric. In the remaining space between the tire and rear end of the storage compartment I put a shelf that further secures the tire in place. All are removable when you need to get the spare. Also purchased a scissor jack that can be used on the Model X. Below are pictures that I hope show what can be done. c/Users/ronsusi/Desktop/IMG_4734.jpeg/Users/ronsusi/Desktop/IMG_4737.jpeg/Users/ronsusi/Desktop/IMG_4743.jpeg/Users/ronsusi/Desktop/IMG_4758.jpeg

T35LAX | 06. heinäkuu 2019

This is shortcut to your Desktop and we should use TeamViewer to jump into your computer to see pictures.

bob | 07. heinäkuu 2019

Sure way to ensure you will get a flat tire in the next 30 days :P. Hope I'm wrong.