SXM Categories Still Missing

SXM Categories Still Missing

I still cannot access SXM categories - a function that disappeared several updates ago - and as of 2019.24.1 is still missing. This is unacceptable.

2016 HW2 S90D

joshuaboyd | 12. heinäkuu 2019

I had this same problem and I called Sirius/XM, and they had my car coded wrong in the system. Once they recoded it for a Tesla, my categories started working again.

billhickey11 | 12. elokuu 2019

I also cannot access SXM Categories and have not been able to do so for several months. SXM says they cannot fix it and to see the Tesla dealer.
2017 S90D

bp | 13. elokuu 2019

We've had several brief periods when the categories disappear and after a few minutes with the XM radio playing something, the categories come back.

For devices that have internet connectivity, it would help considerably if SXM would distribute the categories via internet on demand, rather than waiting for the station information to be transmitted from their satellites.

If you have this problem and SXM declares they've done all they can, then you're only option would be to schedule a service call for Tesla to fix the problem.