Traction control Inop, Regenerative breaking Inop and safety restraint system Inop messages

Traction control Inop, Regenerative breaking Inop and safety restraint system Inop messages

I have been getting these errors “traction control Inop, regenerative breaking Inop, safety restraint system Inop” pop up Sence almost day 1 with my M3 it now has 2000 kilometres on it. I have had the mobile service technician look at it so far but they were unable to fix the errors. I have a service appointment scheduled now for 2 weeks out and have been given a rental car as I don’t want to drive the M3 with these errors, mostly the safety restraint Inop message.

I’m just wondering if anyone has had these specific error codes repeatedly happpen and were they able to fix them?

EVRider | 15. heinäkuu 2019

Did you already try rebooting?

Julien.dentremont | 15. heinäkuu 2019

Yes I have done numerous reboots both soft and hard. I have tried putting the car into park and opening and closing the door. Sometimes they clear and sometimes they don’t. My software is also up to date.

M3BlueGeorgia | 15. heinäkuu 2019

I had this once. Parked the car and walked away from it for a ten minutes to let the car go into a deep sleep.
It was OK afterwards.

Note: No Sentry Mode as the car won't going into a deep sleep with it.

Resets won't work.

Julien.dentremont | 15. heinäkuu 2019

Ya I have found they only appear at startup, and sometimes I can get them to clear and others they just won’t. I haven’t had the time to try for a 10 minute deep sleep yet to see if that works, I have had the errors now probably 6 or 7 times.

I haven’t had sentry mode on for the resets, but I had not thought about the car not sleeping with it on. Who knows I’m just hoping I don’t have a lemon at this point.

Geozeke | 15. heinäkuu 2019

LR AWD, late 2018 VIN. I've had the safety restraint issue for about 2-weeks. I have a Mobile Service appointment in three weeks to replace the wiring harness on the driver's seat.

Julien.dentremont | 15. heinäkuu 2019

Hopefully that clears it for you! Mine are always all 3 errors at once never seperate so not sure? Hopefully it’s just a firmware thing.

-TheJohn- | 15. heinäkuu 2019

Fortunately these are vanishingly rare to the point that I've only heard of the Safety Restraint warning once before and you're the first to mention the other two.
Tesla will make things right. Ignore Fishhorn.

Julien.dentremont | 15. heinäkuu 2019

Ya I have been researching a little into the lemon law just in case mine goes in that direction. Unfortunately Canada is decades behind with this. We have some ways to try and get the manufacturer to take the car back but definitely know where near as easy as the lemon law the US has.

I will give them a few chances to fix the issue but I am worried it won’t be an easy fix...

Julien.dentremont | 15. heinäkuu 2019

Ya so far Tesla has been great. Like I said I’m hoping it’s just a firmware issue or a loose connection somewhere. I just wanted to see if others were having the same issue and how it got resolved. I’ll post again after my appointment in 2 weeks with the verdict.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. heinäkuu 2019

@julien Don't worry they are already taking care of you and losing money putting you in a rental. They don't like losing money and will get you fixed up.

-TheJohn- | 15. heinäkuu 2019

Fishhorn doesn't even have the reading comprehension to realize this is occurring in Canada.

greg | 15. heinäkuu 2019

Pity we can't invoke the Lemon Law on Tesla Forum trolls.

I know a few who would have been gladly returned to the manufacturer for a full refund by now.