Disappointed in 2019.28.2

Disappointed in 2019.28.2

Got the new upgrade yesterday. I noticed, other than the new games, that Bluetooth and music had some upgrades. I was excited. Well the excitement did not last long. With my Apple phone the blue tooth volume is not good. Have to turn the car volume up so much that the speakers will pop from time to time. Thoughts?

I hope Tesla works on the Bluetooth connection.

20854 | 06. elokuu 2019

I understand there is a problem with the iPhone X and Tesla bluetooth.

jimglas | 06. elokuu 2019

no, there isnt

dapetrun | 06. elokuu 2019

Make sure your iPhone volume is up all the way.

raffidesigns | 08. elokuu 2019

Hit the volume button on your iPhone. My note 8 is The same.

jjgunn | 11. elokuu 2019