Floor mat will never move

Floor mat will never move

We have designed floor mat for tesla Model 3, with anti-slip claw backing, plus the velcro with 3M sitcker, so as to make sure the mat will not move,
Main advantage:
1.europe imported material, usually for luxury cars
3.anti slip, no movement
4.custom fit, even cover better than original mats
5.twocolor sewing binding
more details pls check below

Can offer 70% off on price, so as to get some test and comments from you, if you are willing to share and post new thread on this forum with comments, pictures, video

anyone intested, pls let me know

PS:can contact me through my, and no more than 5 quotas

gmr6415 | 14. elokuu 2019

I never had a problem with the OEM mats moving, and the Model 3 liners have velcro on the back, so they won't move either.

What I'd like to see someone making is a spill proof liner for the bottom of the trunk (trunk well) that's sold separately. I've only found a few companies that sell one and you have to purchase a set of the frunk, the trunk and the trunk well. That's not very helpful when you already have the frunk and the trunk.

davesper2 | 14. elokuu 2019

Yes might be interested in 70% off floor mat.How do I get it?

derotam | 14. elokuu 2019

No sidewall protection...I'll pass thanks.

Stach | 14. elokuu 2019

and no dead pedal coverage either = pass

Pepperidge | 14. elokuu 2019

I will pass this product but if you can make right footrest (while AP), I will buy.

jordanrichard | 14. elokuu 2019

"no sidewall protection"? from what?

It still baffles me that people buy a premium car to only cheapen it's interior by putting rubber mats on the floor. I have gone through 5 winters (163,000 miles) here in CT with my Model S and the carpeting/mats still look new. Open the driver's door and look at the carpeted floor mat, you can't see where my heels rest.

Just vacuum the mats and perhaps periodically use a rub cleaner on them. We have a Hoover rug cleaner and maybe 2-3 times a year I bring my mats inside and use the Hoover on them.

OCModel3 | 14. elokuu 2019

I live in SoCal with no winter snow, yet properly molded sidewalls on mats is an absolute must for me. I am not a coffee drinker but my wife is, and it only takes one dropped Starbucks latte onto a mat that splashes around to ruin the original carpeting. We have teenagers and a dog so the more protection the better. We don't believe mats that blend in to the exact shape of the well "cheapen" the appearance of the luxury car.

So there you have it--to each his own perspective on why we need something.

ywh0533 | 14. elokuu 2019

@davesper2, you can contact me through my

-TheJohn- | 14. elokuu 2019

This is Spam.

ywh0533 | 14. elokuu 2019

seems this forum does not support replying by quote, here I reply one by one
@gmr6415, you mean your floor have veclro? I mean floor, not the mat, very strange that the cars sold in China, the floor side does not have velcro, that makes the mat can only be held by the backing, no reinforcement, that why we still hot sealed velcro on back of our carpet, with 3M velcro together for reinfocement
for trunk mat you mentioned, you know, we usually make hand stitched high-end carpet, which is even better than orignal ones, this carpet for trunk is not suitable, usually people prefer cheap rubber or faux leather, that smells and not environmental, we dont make it, and our carpet cost is much higher than those, probably people will not accept, so we first started from floor mats

ywh0533 | 14. elokuu 2019

@derotam, sidewall protection mats usually made of rubber and faux leather, if you tried, you will know it smells more or less, and not as environmental as carpet, anyway, I understand your choice

CST | 14. elokuu 2019

@jordanrichard - I prefer the look of the Tesla rubber mats over what came with the car. I keep them pretty clean.

gmr6415 | 15. elokuu 2019

@ywh0533, What I'm saying is the the OEM carpet mats were not a problem with them moving around in the few months I used them prior to purchasing the rubber Tesla mats. Secondly the rubber Tesla Mats I purchased have velcro-like hooks or protrusions cast into the bottom (floor side) of the mat that hold them in place on the carpet. It works so well you have to "peel" them up to remove them. Even if they didn't have the "hooks" they fit so well there is no way they could move around.

I made a suggestion for a useful product you could sell because no one else is selling the seperately, yet you're still trying to promote a product that no one needs. Go figure!!

CST +1. I really like the look of the rubber Tesla mats.

gmr6415 | 15. elokuu 2019

@ywh0533, Actually I was wrong about the velcro-like hooks on the back of the rubber Tesla mats. I took a look this morning and there are circles of velcro strategically affixed to the back of the mats. So rather than velcro-like, it is in fact velcro.

ODWms | 16. elokuu 2019

Yeah, these factory mats do not move.

ywh0533 | 21. elokuu 2019

got it