A question for all of the audiophiles out there :)

A question for all of the audiophiles out there :)

Hey good morning everyone,

I have a Model 3 Performance, so I have the full premium interior and I was just hoping for some input regarding the best settings for the car audio. If people could post a screenshot of their settings and/or the values they have for each slider, that would be awesome!

The default settings that were on the car when I got it seem very weak and I know the car gets incredible review for it's audio so I have to assume my settings are just not optimized.

Thanks in advance everyone, have a great day!


steevsteevsteev | 15. elokuu 2019

The ideal EQ settings depends somewhat on what type of music you like to listen to. This is what I did:

1. Get a music player app for you phone or computer that has a built in EQ and presets for it.
2. Select a preset corresponding to the genre that you prefer.
3. Observe the sliders and replicate that on your car.
4. Turn the bass slider all the way up because the bass in this car is acceptable at best.
5. Immersive sound on the medium setting.

herrmdogg | 15. elokuu 2019

Thanks for the input steev!

bddaughe | 15. elokuu 2019

As steve said, it is very dependent on styles of music along with personal taste. There are several tools available such as RTA (Real Time Analyzer) tools that even have RTA microphones you can buy for your phone. Then you can use apps such as Mobile Tools by AudioControl to help you mold the sound you want to hear. But with a basic 5 band equalizer in the car, we're fairly limited and it may just be easier to play around until you're happy with the sound.

It's a tad long, but there's a pretty good video that goes over all the details of the sounds systems of the Tesla including speaker kinds and placements, audio inputs and how to get best quality of those, along with audio settings and what they really do. You can find it here:

Personally, I found the bass setting to be a little low, so I definitely boosted it. As the video above shows, setting immersive sound on actually enables a couple of other speakers, so I recommend at least doing the medium setting at a minimum.

Enjoy playing with the audio!

gmr6415 | 15. elokuu 2019

It is dependent on music style and personal preference. I find a V pattern works best for me across the few genres I listen to. I mainly listen to classic rock.

neil.weinstock | 15. elokuu 2019

I boosted the bass a bit in my car, but unfortunately it sounds terrible when listening to talk on the radio (lots of low thumping in their speech). Would be great to have different EQ settings for different sources and/or radio stations, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for such a feature.

In my past cars with aftermarket audio systems, I always had a subwoofer level knob installed in the dash, so I could quickly and easily adjust bass level as needed. `Twas very very nice.

dmastro | 15. elokuu 2019

I just left it at factory default, sounds fine to my ears. But I'm not an audiophile.

thedrisin | 15. elokuu 2019

You do not need to be an audiophile to find correct settings. Your ears are the best tool. Play a few of your favorite songs and move the sliders until the most pleasing sound for you. That is the correct settings.

finman100 | 15. elokuu 2019

V pattern for EQ here too. Full immersive sound on high. wow, this system rocks! I listen to punk rock, classic rock, metal. My wife listens to Death Cab for Cutie. it all sounds really really awesome!

This is from MP3s, too. some of which are a bit "thin" due to a low kbps. Most of my 12,000 song collection are completely amazing in the Model 3. Even with all 4 windows cracked 2 inches and driving up to 60 MPH. (75 not so much, close yer windows...)

I listen to crappy online music at work (streaming, low volume) and can't wait to hear the same tunes in my Model 3.

I really had no idea this car was going to blow me away in the sound department. Biggest surprise out there.

herrmdogg | 15. elokuu 2019

Thanks for the input everyone, much appreciated! I listen to all kinds of music and audiobooks as well, I was just looking for how people generally set theirs for the best sound and these replies have definitely helped me out, thanks again!

Hot Cha | 15. elokuu 2019

If I listen to music from my iPhone which already has equalizer presets, do I need to adjust the car’s equalizer?

M3D | 15. elokuu 2019

The car has a lot of potential and a few issues. For one, each source probably needs to be eq'd differently. The streaming stuff is low bitrate and a bit harsh. The bluetooth stuff a bit better etc. I would start with it flat, then instead of boosting what you want, pull down what seems loudest, then boost what isn't there enough. The idea is not to get a pattern that is all above the middle line. Easier to boost volume a bit than to push everything up higher. It would be nice to have presets, or at least presets per source.... The immersive algorithm misses at times and boosts male vocals too much, but overall works OK. | 15. elokuu 2019

My view is the Tesla is tuned to be flat, with the least distortion with the equalizer set all to zero. That said, there are two significant factors to adjust it:

1) Your personal hearing loss. Unless you're a child, we all have some amount of hearing loss, and adjusting the equalizer to compensate for that loss is often good.

2) What you're used to. If you have always had a poor audio system in the car or at home, what will sound best to you will be to match that bad source. Nothing wrong with that, but just be aware it may not be how the content was recorded or expected to be heard.

Keep in mind as you adjust a band on the equalizer away from zero, you're adding a small amount of distortion between the bands. The further you push it the more distortion you're adding. This is true of all equalizers, not anything specific to your M3. Still, the amount of distortion is small, and may not be audible, especially if you're using music sourced from highly compressed formats. For the best quality, use a USB stick with music in non-lossy format like FLAC.

Lastly, use setting that you enjoy! What I or someone else thinks is "best" may not be best for you :)

cnistal1 | 15. elokuu 2019

Source is everything! In other works, if you are using a low bitrate stream from a phone, it's not going to sound great regardless of the equalizer setting. I highly recommend getting a USB stick and loading FLAC files. Worth the extra effort in my opinion.

Thrillion | 15. elokuu 2019

I wouldn't call myself an audiophile but I know what sounds good.
Totally sold on the immersive surround sound, unfortunately this isn't available on all levels of the M3.
Traditionally, I have installed (or owed vehicles with factory) subs in the rear trunk or most rear compartment.
The M3 seams to have 3 subs all of fairly equal output: one in each front door and one in the rear trunk.
This set up makes for a more rounded sound throughout the cabin with your rear passengers no closer to the base than the front. Those of you who have installed massive subs to fill the cabin can also agree rear seat sound would be too "bassy" if set for front passenger quality. Also, the placement of the individual speakers complement the speakers frequencies. Its a masterful array.
As far as settings, the system does lack presets but Teslas are ever evolving tech and those could be added soon.
Until then the factory EQ will get you close enough to your liking.

h2ev | 15. elokuu 2019

Audio quality is the most subjective thing. What sounds great to me other might find horrible and vice versa. Case in point steevsteevsteev thinks that the bass in the Model 3 is barely acceptable when cranked to the max. I have mine at +3 over flat and I think it's great.

As has already been pointed out, most people prefer a V, same here. I prefer a more flattened V, with the left most frequency at +3, tapered down to flat in the middle, then gradually to back up to +3 on the treble. This gives a slight boost to bass while brightening up the highs just a bit. I have my immersive on medium. On high it's too echoey.

Start with a V as your base, then tweak from there to your liking.

Teslynn | 15. elokuu 2019

Here’s a good video. Start at the 8:00 mark.

carlk | 15. elokuu 2019

The most important factor is the music source. Convert a few of your favorite songs to lossless file such as FLAC and put in the USB stick. That will let you to set the benchmark to be used to compare other sources.

philippem | 15. elokuu 2019

Default EQ (all level in the center) is essentially the correct setting to reproduce the music as intended. So for someone that produce music and what to test sound with different system that would be the setting to use.

Except for testing purpose, I personality leave it here.

However human hears are not linear. So typically one would need to boost bass and treble at low volume for a sound that seem more equilibrated. I don't think that Model 3 make any adjustment for loudness.

After that you adjust to your taste or compensate for bad recording.

I use the medium setting for immersive sound. In practice, for immersive effect you need to listen to music somewhat loud as you won't fell it when listening softly.

M3phan | 15. elokuu 2019

I leave equalizer flat, all zeros.
I put immersive on high.
I move balance approx 20% back from front as the default seems a bit front heavy.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. elokuu 2019

Music as intended only applies if the music was recorded in the cabin of a model 3. Equalizers exist to equalize.

mpratola | 15. elokuu 2019

EQ flat (default), immersive on medium. The sound quality is excellent (best I have heard in any car), but as some have mentioned: (1) source matters; (2) you need to let the speakers burn in, they won't be at their best when car is new; (3) if your ears have some limitations due to age, etc, this may lead you to want to introduce some distortion (i.e. adjusting the EQ).

To give you a reference point, my personal system at home is Vandersteen 3A Signatures<-DAC cherry amp<-Jeff Rowland Capri<-Metrum Octave DAC<-iTunes.

Kahn | 15. elokuu 2019

i agree immersive on high v, that is treble and bass boosted.

Joseb | 15. elokuu 2019

@cnistal1 said it well, source is everything.
Other than that just play around with the settings, but select a song that you love and know how it "should" sound, and go with it.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. elokuu 2019

One of my favorite albums for an immersive experience is the dub of dark side of the moon.