My warranty has expired.

My warranty has expired.

At least that's what Julie who called my cell phone trying to sell me an extended warranty told me ... ROFL

By my maths, I have 3 years 25,000 miles left. But we know how inaccurate fingers and toes are.

Fossil Fool | 15. elokuu 2019

Spend the money! It may be the very dollars that avert the upcoming recession!

Joshan | 15. elokuu 2019

Office of Social Security called me yesterday and stated my benefits are frozen and I will not receive any benefits when I retire. However, If I wanted to discuss with them I could wait on hold but please have my SSN ready for faster processing. /facepalm

gmr6415 | 15. elokuu 2019

@Fossil Fool, I would assume Julie is a third party, unsolicited phone bank person who actually knows nothing about @kevin_rf's car.

Kevin didn't elaborate though, so that just an assumption.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. elokuu 2019

Telephone scams and email scams are on the uptick for us, as well. Still waiting to hear back from the Nigerian Prince that we helped out.

derotam | 15. elokuu 2019

I'm still waiting on my receipt for my payment to the IRS so I can show it to the cops if they come to arrest me.

raqball | 15. elokuu 2019

Joshan | August 15, 2019
Office of Social Security called me yesterday and stated my benefits are frozen and I will not receive any benefits when I retire. However, If I wanted to discuss with them I could wait on hold but please have my SSN ready for faster processing. /facepalm
I got a call from the 'IRS' a few months ago saying I qualified for a $5,000 federal tax incentive refund.. All I need to do was provide my SSN and bank info.. The 'IRS' said I get my incentive refund within 10 business days deposited directly into my account!! Lucky me!

I told him to hold on while I went to get my check book.. I checked back every few minutes within to make sure he was still on the line and told him I was still trying to find it. After about 10 minutes of this he gave up and ended the call.. LOL

Pg3ibew | 15. elokuu 2019

It is getting so bad, to the point that these scammers have figured out how to make the caller ID look like it is the actual company. In NYC, I have heard that there is a scam from the people using the local Natural Gas Co. National Grid. And it comes up on your caller ID as National Grid. It is scary. Innocent people who work had for their money are getting scammed.

He is another scam. People are asking to use your phone because their phone is dead. Once you unlock your phone and hand it to them, they can access your CASH App and transfer money to their accounts. Be careful people. Be very careful.

kevin_rf | 15. elokuu 2019

Pg3ibew, When they borrow your phone, they could even drive away with your car.

Now, to be fair I didn't ask which car. The '18 Model 3 with 25k miles, the '09 Insight with 80k miles, or the '05 Prius with 400K miles.... Maybe they wanted to sell me a warranty on the Prius.

charles.a.braun | 15. elokuu 2019

I now answer my phone with:

"Congratulations! You are caller 12 and have won the weekend Disney World Package! Please stay on the line just a moment while I clear the other callers and we will get you on the air with Mike and The Snowman right after Jim is done with the traffic and weather!"

They have usually hung up on me before I can get all of that out but I have had a couple of folks stay on "hold" for a few minutes.

gmr6415 | 15. elokuu 2019

@charles.a.braun, Or you can pull the old Seinfeld line on them. "I'm really busy right now, so why don't you give me your home number, and I'll call you back at home when it's more convenient for me".

gmr6415 | 15. elokuu 2019

Seinfeld telemarketer skit:

marym23 | 15. elokuu 2019

I have nothing to add to this thread BUT I'm trying to start a new thread and cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it. I'm able to respond to posts but cannot figure out how to start a new post. There's no "Add new post" button. HELP! I'm usually not this inept. And I've searched online how to do it. I'd like to post my 19" wheels for sale but need help. Thanks in advance.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. elokuu 2019

@marym23 Go to the top of the page and read the instructions on how to contact the forum admins and request permission to post a new thread.

marym23 | 15. elokuu 2019

Thanks Magic 8 Ball. I read that but thought since I was an owner and able to respond that I was already approved. I really appreciate you help.

kevin_rf | 15. elokuu 2019

marym23 this is your lucky day, you need to provide a valid bank routing and account number to the admin. That just happens to me. Not Magic, or the usual week old seafood that hangs out in this corner of the teslanet.

globalMan | 15. elokuu 2019

I am sure most of you already know, but just in case...

The best way to avoid trouble with scam calls is, do not answer it at all.

There were reports saying that if you say something back, they will be able to use part of your voice and somehow to prove that you verbally agreed to the "things" they are soliciting. Specifically, do not say words like "Okay", "Yes", etc.

Not answering is the best course of action.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. elokuu 2019

Sometime I pickup and let the 30 seconds go by without saying anything. I figure that is 30 seconds of their wasted time and time is money to them.

charles.a.braun | 15. elokuu 2019

@globalMan - Not answering would seriously cut into my fun factor for the day.

mmcp42 | 15. elokuu 2019

managed to keep a greenhouse salesman on the line for 30 minutes
agreed that I would like a greenhouse
we discussed financing
arranged a home visit
gave my address as 12th floor in a block of flats (apartments)
line went very quiet! :)

Magic 8 Ball | 15. elokuu 2019

I played a guy who tried to convince me to give remote access to my “compromised” computer. It took him about 20 minutes before he hung up on me.

jjgunn | 15. elokuu 2019

I received a phone call -- lady was speaking Mandarin.

I hung up. Hope it wasn't anything important

billstanton | 15. elokuu 2019

gmr6415: We have a saying...there is a Seinfeld episode for everything in life. Just keep watching them. Have your kids watch them with you to learn about life...or learn about nothing.

jamilworm | 15. elokuu 2019

There was a big scam where someone tried to convince me that the "IRS" was offering a "tax credit" of $7500 for my Model 3 purchase. Yeah right, like I would believe that. Then they tried to say i could get a california rebate of $2500!! Hah I'm too smart for that I wasnt having any of it.

M3phan | 15. elokuu 2019

A Leaf called me last night and asked me to please put it out of its misery.

rdh37 | 16. elokuu 2019

@jjgunn. Are you sure it wasn't Cantonese? I cannot tell the difference. :)