Round abouts.....

Round abouts.....

We have many round abouts in our area here in San Diego. Until recently I had never tried AP on the street nor approaching a round about until yesterday. The road was in La Jolla and is a two lane road with one lane going in each direction. The round abouts are also one lane but fairly small in overall diameter so when entering you tend to turn right then straighten out and left and then right to get through the round about. Of course paying attention entering the round about which is a four way yield in this case is important as AP does not see other cars in other entry positions or a car in the round about coming around, at least very well. This certainly will be a challenge for Tesla to have the neural net master these road conditions.

So I was in AP and approaching the round about with some car in front of me. The car ahead of course slowed and then proceeded as in this case there were no other cars entering from the three other entry points. So it because my cars turn and the AP slowed smoothly almost stopped and the turned the wheel right as you could see it recognized the center curb as the road edge on the left now. Once it did it proceeded to accelerate straight and I could see that it did not see the right side of the round about curb where there was another entry point. Since the round about is fairly small in diameter and AP started accelerating I waited a long as I could but ultimately I had to forcible take control because I was heed for the curb and accelerating still going straight. Perhaps I could have waited a bit longer to see if it would have corrected but I chickened out.

One factor that might contribute to this happening is that the curbs in the round about do not have any lines whatsoever. The diameter is small and curbs broken up due to the other entry points. Though in other straight road situations where there is a line in the center and an unmarked curb on the right the display shows the boundary line for the curb so it does recognize curbs as lines as it were.

Anyone else ever try a round about on AP and have this experience?

Joshan | 15. elokuu 2019

I have not had a chance to test yet myself, but someone on another forum was telling me they do it all the time and the trick is to cap the speed to 25 mph. They also said if they have a route that it will leave the roundabout at the correct exit. But if they are going faster than 25mph it fails.

Joshan | 15. elokuu 2019

I was at O'Hare Airport in Chicago 2 days ago. To me that will be the #1 hardest challenge they will have.

Kary993 | 15. elokuu 2019

I was going under 10 mph because the the cars ahead of me slowing me down. Speed limit approaching was 35 but never got close to that due the cars ahead. This particular round about you would be lucky to go 25 mph if you were driving the car due to the small round about diameter.

wiscy67 | 15. elokuu 2019

I was driving past Bird Rock a couple weeks back and noticed these. I wasn't using AP but I agree mini roundabouts will be tough to navigate.

Kary993 | 15. elokuu 2019

@ wiscy67 - yes it was exactly those round abouts....

legna_fo_htaed | 15. elokuu 2019

We have round abouts everywhere here in the mountains of CO. With that being said, AP cannot do any that I have tried yet. Always seems like it's going straight into the middle without turning. Every update I do try again though, with only very clearly marked lines.

Joshan | 15. elokuu 2019

now I need to go try tonight :)

billstanton | 15. elokuu 2019

I can't do roundabouts. I hate them. I note where they are and never return that way. Death cannot come soon enough as they propagate throughout the US. I suppose that happens sooner or later anyway. I'll have to fully convert to Uber and never drive again. If AP/FSD figures them out, I'll buy and just turn it on when approaching roundabouts. Roundabouts are why people came/come to this country, to get away from them. You never see them on Westerns do you? Whew, feel better now, should never have clicked on this topic.

EVRider | 15. elokuu 2019

@Kary993: Do you have dashcam footage you can post somewhere? Would be easier to see exactly what you’re describing.

Kary993 | 15. elokuu 2019

I did not save any but I can do it again since I live right there and post it may be tonight or tomorrow.

jjgunn | 15. elokuu 2019

Oooohhhh....nice one Kary....I'll be trying with the Model X

Fossil Fool | 15. elokuu 2019

Yesterday I tried the roundabout on AP after leaving the SuperChargers at Cordes Lakes, AZ heading west on US 69 from I-17. Had to grab control once it entered the roundabout correctly but decided to accelerate and point itself toward a curb. Won't be doing that again.