Software version naming convention

Software version naming convention

So there’s a lot of talk about the upcoming V10. My M3 is currently on 2019.24.4 Will the year no longer be part of the version ID? Or am I somehow getting apples mixed up with oranges, and V10 is a reference to something different?

82bert | 15. elokuu 2019

Firmware vs software.

CharleyBC | 15. elokuu 2019

I wondered the same thing when V9 was "coming soon" months ago. When it actually arrived, the familiar numbering convention continued unchanged. I assume the same will be the case for V10, and we'll have 2019.33.2 or whatever as the first V10 to the masses.

82bert | 15. elokuu 2019

Correct. It won’t come through as “V10” | 15. elokuu 2019

The way it works is the main version like 9 or 10 is just an overall coverage of the software. In the Windows world, it's like Windows 10 - an overall group of features.

The specific version is made up of the year and week of release, followed by the number of version within that week. Not all versions are released, so it's common to skip over weeks or version within the week. While I'm not sure it's confirmed, even weeks are public releases and odd weeks are an internal beta or perhaps for owners in the early release program. The last part is likely a checksum and also appears unique to each release.

So: 2019.28.3 fd63a5e

Means the release occurred in 2019, week 28 (going from 1 to 52), even so, it's a public release, and 3 is the third release in week 28. You can ignore the "fd63a5e" last portion. It has nothing useful for us owners.

WillRide | 15. elokuu 2019

So will one know they are on V10?

EVRider | 15. elokuu 2019

@82bert: Firmware and software are equivalent when talking about updates for the car, so the versions are the same.

TeslaTap explained it above, but an additional point is that when you look at the version on your car’s touchscreen, it currently shows the V9 in addition to the version number, so when it changes to V10, you’ll see it there. Besides that, when V10 starts rolling out, you’ll be reading about it everywhere, including the many threads saying something like “I just got an update, did I get V10?” :-)

drdeep3 | 15. elokuu 2019

I've paid to upgrade to full self driving which I understand involves some small upgrade now. How will I know when I receive it? Also the car says it must be connected to Wifi to upgrade. Does that indicate that I am not connected and if so how do I connect?

EVRider | 15. elokuu 2019

@drdeep3: Upgrading to FSD does not require a software update, Tesla will just enable it.

How you know you’ve received it depends on what you have now. If you have EAP, you won’t see any new features immediately, but the option to buy FSD should disappear from your account page, and vehicle details page should update to include Fill Self Driving Capability. If you have basic Autopilot, FSD will add new features immediately: Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Summon, etc.

Have you ever tried to connect to WiFi? The manual explains how to do it. It’s highly recommended that you connect to WiFi when you park at home, and if you don’t have Premium Connectivity, you won’t get any updates without WiFi.

WillRide | 15. elokuu 2019

I wish I could display a screenshot of my car’s touchscreen. I now see what you are saying. When I tap the car icon, and select Software, it shows v9 (2019.24.4 73fb1ab). That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you EVRider!

wiscy67 | 15. elokuu 2019

You can also see the version listed in your Tesla app.

If you want to share a photo you can upload it to a site like imgur and then post the link here.

EVRider | 16. elokuu 2019

@wiscy67: The app doesn’t show the V9, just the version number.