Adding destination to navigation system

Adding destination to navigation system

I added the street address of a rural hiking trailhead to my "X", but I was navigated to a nearby location, not where the trailhead is located. Fortunately, I could see the desired location on the displayed map, so I just ignored the displayed route and drove to the trailhead parking area. This is in a rural area, so I cannot be too critical of the navigation system. Once parked at the desired location, I wondered why I cannot manually tell the system that my current location is to be saved as a favorite place.
Is it possible to save a current location into the navigation system? Note the display showed the street location of the trailhead perfectly.

Michael Emrich | 17. elokuu 2019

to save your current location, press and hold the red Arrow on the map. A window will open which has a "heart" symbol in its upper right corner. Hit it and it will allow you to name the location and add it to your Favorites.

jackcolo | 17. elokuu 2019

Many thanks!