Upgrade your X for FREE (kinda)

Upgrade your X for FREE (kinda)

Just upgraded my 2017 Model X.
Went from 75 battery to the latest version 6 100 kWh.
Added the new adaptable suspension.
Added 3 years full vehicle warranty
Upgraded to the latest V3 computer.
Got a new, no yellow line, display.
Got rid of 30,000 mile Contential tires for brand new fresh ones.
Upgraded from standard interior to luxury interior.
Got the latest charging electronics.
Battery charging is much faster, and compatible with the new V3 Superchargers.

All at the same price i paid for my first X, 33 months ago.

Bonus, will get all new Rebates and Tax credits.

Seriously. The new 100 Raven cost me almost exactly what I paid for my first 75X in January 2017.

Still got Free Supercharging for Life (but not transferable).

Accountant said that with using a fresh Section 179 business tax deduction, it was a no-brainer decision to get a entire new car.

Like the 100 miles increase in range, but the most amazing improvement is with the new adaptive suspension. The smoothness and better cornering control is a much bigger improvement than I had expected.

Only downgrade is going from EAP to standard Autopilot. Something I can live with until I spring for FSD.

balatn2005 | 05. syyskuu 2019

Hi Paul -
I hope that you have got a new Long range Model X 2019?
Did you trade in your old vehicle (Model X 75KWh)?
Trade -in usually good deal.(tax free)
Can please share the detailed specs and price also?


Uncle Paul | 06. syyskuu 2019

Had an early (January) X75. Fantastic car for us. Put on 30,000 relatively trouble free miles.

Was planning to take some more longer distance road trips, and wanted a bigger battery.

Saw the new pricing on the 2019 Raven and liked the longer range, better performance, and adaptable suspension.

Trading up was relatively inexpensive for all the upgrades I would be getting 100 more miles of range, much quieter and smoother suspension and a reset of the tires, brakes, warranty etc back to zero miles
The new standard color is metalflake white, which I like a little better than the plain enamel white.
The 2019 comes with the standard Bio-Hazard HEPA filter and premium interior with additional details and lighting.

The market for used Tesla is pretty strong, so ordered up a new one, and got delivery 5 days later.

Was pretty happy with the decision, but then was reminded by my accountant that I would not only get a Federal, State and utility credits that sweetened the deal. Also got a brand new Section 179 full deduction for the new car. Made it a no-brainer.

After driving for a while I like the longer range, quicker acceleration, but mostly love the new suspension.

avesraggiana | 08. syyskuu 2019

Very nice! I wish I had a business deduction I could take advantage of . Right now we have a July 2018 X100D with the old EAP. Then I sprang for the promised FSD for $2000. 16,000 mostly trouble free miles. And we still startle the galumphing SUVs surrounding us, when we launch off the line at a green light.

I think I would like the new Raven suspension too.