Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon Echo Auto

Just installed the Amazon Echo Auto in my Model 3 (early release -- me lucky!, me special!).

So far, I think it's going to be a great addition to the Tesla infotainment system.

I used the provided vent mount attachment in the rear HVAC vent, behind the console. Apparently there's also a flat dash mount that is available, or will be, so it can be mounted in the front of the car, as intended. (probably any one of those sticky gel dash mounts would work, though). Mounting behind the driver (center console) may not be what Amazon intended, but it works just fine, as far as voice recognition goes (so far). Maintaining the minimalist look of the dash area is also a plus. For power, I plug it into the rear USB port. Do those ports stay powered when the vehicle is sleeping? For now, I unplug it when I exit the car. I'll need to look into that more.

Setup was simple. Pair the device to the Alexa app on your phone, then connect your phone to the Tesla via Bluetooth. After the first time setup, it will always sync up when you enter the car with your phone.

After that, you can ask Alexa to play music,audiobook,podcasts, the meaning of life, etc, just like a regular Echo. However, navigation requests are now an option, too. It gives turn by turn instructions and the map shows up on your phone. Now that I think of it, it would be great if Amazon would enable the nav share function on the Alexa app, so anything you ask Alexa to navigate to, would automatically appear on the Tesla screen.

Personally, however, I find Tesla's nav and voice recognition to be excellent already. I'd only use Alexa for an edge case, if Tesla nav doesn't do quite what I want.

It is a treat to listen to my Amazon music playlists and audio books in the car. I know many of these functions can be done with just your phone and Bluetooth, but this is a fun integration.

Looking forward to the next roadtrip, and asking Alexa to play road trip games. ;)

Anyway, just wanted to give an early "review" for those clamoring for more options, and ways to augment Tesla's already excellent system.

alisse | 07. syyskuu 2019

I installed one too, though only have used it for music so far. Slacker was definitely getting repetitive for me, so this was a good addition. I actually just put mine in the bin under the armrest. I plugged it in there, looped the cable through the space between the bin and console and let it sit in there. No problems being heard so far and nothing getting in the way of the interior. So far so good. :)

Mr.Tesla | 08. syyskuu 2019

You put it right there IN the console? Nice! For now, I'll keep mine attached to the rear vent, but I'll keep your idea in mind, if it becomes an issue on the rare occasion I have passengers in the rear seat. Depending on the weather, they may need full, unfettered airflow from the vent.

alisse | 08. syyskuu 2019

@Mr.Tesla yep! Just sitting in the bin. :) Honestly I only did that because I wasn't sure if I wanted to use it in the car long term so I didn't want to go to the trouble doing something more permanent. But since it's working I will likely keep it this way. At least for the foreseeable future.

stopnair | 08. syyskuu 2019

my problem is manually connecting music source to Phone on screen before spewing Alexa commands. Also Alexa's dinging sound when getting called out is low volume on car speakers.. how do u handle these irritants?

alisse | 08. syyskuu 2019

@stopnair Do you mean simply switching to the phone input? Or something else? Once I on phone as the source there's nothing to do but ask alexa what to play. I never have to fiddle with my phone anymore.

As for the ding, you don't really have to wait for it. It seems to work just as well waiting or not waiting in my experience so far. Also, what software are you running? 2019.32.1 added some bluetooth volume magic that syncs the phone volume with the car's so you no longer have to worry about 2 different volume levels anymore.

jimglas | 08. syyskuu 2019

Call me old and paranoid, but I don't want something reporting to amazon my location, words and actions.
(yeah, I know that already happens with tesla, but tesla isn't trying to sell me anything but a car)

Mr.Tesla | 08. syyskuu 2019


You have the option to block the Alexa app from accessing location data, like any app.

jimglas | 08. syyskuu 2019

Still listening and monitoring your words and actions
and who knows, behaviors?

jimglas | 08. syyskuu 2019

its all a plot to steal our guns I tell you

stopnair | 08. syyskuu 2019

@alisse . Yes I have latest firmware.. I was one of the first persons Amazon shipped Alexa Auto to back in May 2019. I don't connect to my phone except for auto receiving calls. I stream music most of everytime I have to ask alexa something I have to push a few icons on display while driving which doesn't seem intuitive. About the ding, I for some reason always wait for it to ack before I say something.. maybe I should change my habit.

jonabramson | 29. syyskuu 2019

I've got a Galaxy S9+. Finally unboxed the Echo I received a few days ago. I couldn't hear the Echo Auto after linking it with the Alexa app on my phone. Tried rebooting the Echo over and over. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the Echo over and over and the only time I could hear anything was when the Echo was getting ready to pair and through the speaker of the Echo. Finally, I tried rebooting the phone after it was paired and then it worked.

Another thing I'd mention, any Bluetooth paired speaker or headset will play the audio from the phone via the Echo. So if you have a Bluetooth device active and paired, you can test it that way as well by pairing the Echo with your phone and having your phone paired with a Bluetooth audio device, just as in the Tesla. As mentioned earlier, I had no audio output I could hear even though I could see the lights on the Echo activate when I said, Alexa... Do whatever. But once I rebooted my phone and it paired with the Echo and Bluetooth speaker, I could hear it. Then I took it in to the car so it would pair with the Tesla while I had the phone chosen, and I could finally hear and use the Echo.

I hope that helps anyone who's stuck watching the blue light move on the Echo and can't hear anything.

As to mounting, I put it inside the front storage area below the shelf for my cell phone and it seems to hear me perfectly. No need to mount it anywhere. Just plugged it into my USB hub hidden down in that area and away I go.

StealthP3D | 29. syyskuu 2019

Why get echo auto if you already have Alexa on your phone? And if to stream music, why not just from your phone? In just trying to understand what outstanding use case there would be in a Tesla with a smart phone. I guess if you're on your way home and you don't want to pick up the phone you can say order me some toilet paper. Only thing you can't do yet with Google.

m.errami | 07. lokakuu 2019

Hello all
I just joined the Tesla Family and I am thrilled.
Stealth3D you are asking the most pertinent question of all!!!!
In my previous car, we had google auto. The major issue with subscribing to Amazon Music is that the only you can stream that in your car, is by manipulating the phone. You do not have the option to do via voice command. Now you can pick up the phone and click on the Alexa app, then say a command that the phone will listen too. But there is no way to activate anything via Amazon without manipulating the device.
The only you can access all your music (when subscribing to amazon) without fidling with your phone and via voice command is to use Echo Auto. It's a pain frankly to add one more device. It has had many connection issues repeatedly. I does add a layer of complexity and frankly I find it unsafe to try to sort it out at the time you need it most: when you drive! So I stopped using it for a while.
Now that I have the Tesla, I have tried to connect it. The nice thing about Tesla is that they self drive (sort of) so, that gives you chance to troubleshoot when things don't work.
All this is very annoying I have to say. I really wished amazon music was integrated like Spotify. I don't really want to subscribe to Spotify, because I already pay for unlimited music on Amazon. Since we have multiple Echo devices at home, it is really nice to play music around the house. So for now, I am stuck using Echo Auto. I am waiting (hoping) that Amazon Music will make it to one of those Tesla updates...