I know I'm dense !

I know I'm dense !

Today, As I was looking at the phone APP I got to the Software Update line and the circle was filled in. Again, I'm sorry for my stupidity, but does that mean that I am current or could it be indicating that an update exists that I don't have? I have 2019.28.3.1 and I am pretty sure I saw somewhere on the forum a very recent reference to 2019.32 Frankly, current and pending are circles that would be more informative. Any comments?

Smalm | 14. syyskuu 2019

Are you taking about in settings..notifications? If so that is just to specify whether or not you want to be notified when an update is ready.

rfpmoxie | 14. syyskuu 2019

Hello Smaim. You answered 2 questions as (1) I am talking about that screen and as that would what the word notification indicates and (2) I am dense!! Much appreciated, Ron

gcmak | 14. syyskuu 2019

28.3.1 is the most commonly installed update on model 3 right now with the latest version 32.2.1 rolling out. Its no major changes, just minor bug fixes that tesla doesn't even document on the release notes and may not be applicable to your car's configuration. You're not "behind" is all i'm trying to say.