Help - Front Left Safety Restraint System Fault

Help - Front Left Safety Restraint System Fault

I started receiving a “front left safety restraint system fault” error in my Tesla this morning and it has popped up several times today. Does anyone know what the cause of that is? I just tried to call customer support but they are closed so I thought I would turn to the forum until I can call them when they are available. Thank you.

jjgunn | 14. syyskuu 2019

Go to the service center first thing on Monday morning -- just show up. It's a safety issue. You'll get priority

RubyRed | 14. syyskuu 2019

I had the same error pop up last week. I called the service center and the told me to bring it in the same day. They said that the air bags might not deploy if the car were to get in an accident. The unfortunate part is that the repair part is on a two week back order, but they did provide me with a loaner vehicle. Shout out to Arizona’s Tempe Service Center. Fabulous, fabulous customer service, as always!