Only house with no power?

Only house with no power?

I woke up at 530am to a notification on my phone stating that my house is running on PW. I looked outside and the street lights were still on and other exterior lights from other houses, with no solar/backup, were on. Went in the app and saw that I lost power since 1045pm last night. It's now 7am and still no grid...

Has this happened to anyone else where you're the only house without power?

Waiting for 730-8am to call Tesla and see if they can see something I can't.

inShaneity | 17. syyskuu 2019

Called Tesla thinking it was something wrong with the system, nope. It was apparently a brownout. Not sure if I ever experienced that but system is working as it should.

gregbrew | 17. syyskuu 2019

Brownouts are much, much worse than a complete blackout. If I can anthropomorphize for a moment: Motors hate the lower voltage, and, being *power-based* devices, they'll try to take more current to make up for it. Burned-out motors is often the result.

Destroyed refrigerators and air-conditioners are just the start...

caywltz60 | 06. lokakuu 2019

Had the same problem twice during this summer, I discovered it in the morning when the power was back already (while my neighbours had no outages)! If it happens again, I think I should contact the support, maybe there're hidden problems with the system

gregbrew | 07. lokakuu 2019

It's possible that your inverter's grid frequency sensitivity might be too tight. IIRC, Delta inverters had this as a common problem. A firmware update widened the acceptable grid frequency, and the Deltas were able to sync to the grid more reliably.