V10 for 2015 Model S

V10 for 2015 Model S

Hi, has anyone updated to V10 on the 2015 Model S? Will the 2015s also be able to get Netflix?

NKYTA | 27. syyskuu 2019

Unlikely on my 2012 P85 with MCU1. Probably why I haven’t gotten anything in the last few weeks.

I can always try and nap on Romance Mode when SC hunting, so there is that...

viper4ko | 27. syyskuu 2019

No, it's been confirmed. If you car was made before March 2018, it has the old Tegra MCU1 (the big touchscreen). It will not have any of the new games, video streaming of any kind, or enhanced chromium web browser support. Only thing confirmed for MCU1 cars in this update are the stupid Nav tricks (hungry, feeling lucky), spotify (very glitchy and crashes on MCU1)

DTsea | 27. syyskuu 2019

I guess i will keep sticking with V8 on my 2015 model S.

Technistore | 28. syyskuu 2019

Will MCU1 model S cars with the FSD option get advanced summon?

Djinn1 | 28. syyskuu 2019

2016 AP1 MCU1. I never expected to get much in the upgrades given the older hardware. However, Spotify would be very nice, given the limitations of slacker.

@viper how do you know Spotify is glitchy with MCU1? Is that based on the European experience? It doesn’t sound like any of us with MCU1 actually received version 10…

RAR | 28. syyskuu 2019

@Technistore Model S cars with at least AP 2.0 (required for FSD) should get advanced summon. But I don't believe anyone with AP 2.0 has received the V10 update yet (2019.32.10 or later).

The MCU is for entertainment, heating/cooling, etc. The driving CPU is separate, and we may need to wait to have the AP 2.0 CPU upgraded to the AP 3 version.

barrykmd | 28. syyskuu 2019

DTsea | September 27, 2019
I guess i will keep sticking with V8 on my 2015 model S.

I'm jealous!

I don't care about upgrades. Just no more downgrades, please.

SnowFlake | 28. syyskuu 2019

I just need my charge speed back nothing else is not important .I just bought the car to do the trips . Now by reducing the charge speed Tesla make me not to go on trips and just park the on their charging networks longer time and watch movies......

wlhnlh | 28. syyskuu 2019

Model S 75D March 2017 build and just got the V10 update. I can confirm no Netflix, or CupHead.

inconel | 28. syyskuu 2019

AP2 with MCU1, got 2019.32.11 today. No Netflix but I got smart summon and Spotify.

dborn | 28. syyskuu 2019

Yeah, I want my supercharge speed back. September 2014 build.

Nikki's Dad | 29. syyskuu 2019

I've got a 2018 MS 100D, AP2.5, MCU1 and FSD. Got V10 yesterday. Has smart summon, Joe Mode, etc. but not Netflix or Caraoke. Frustratingly, the release notes say I should have Spotify but I don't. I found this chart someone posted on reddit about what V10 features will be present in a car depending on hardware.

PrescottRichard | 29. syyskuu 2019

Thanks for that link.

Pungoteague_Dave | 29. syyskuu 2019

@dborn "Yeah, I want my supercharge speed back. September 2014 build."

I suspect you'll need to upgrade to Raven or beyond for that. The older cars showed too much charging weakness for Tesla to keep it at prior levels. Sad, but real.

NKYTA | 29. syyskuu 2019

@PD, not my 2012 S. Though it does have a 2015 refurbed battery.

Alas, upgrading to Raven is not in everyone’s budget.

Roheezy | 29. syyskuu 2019

Thanks everyone for your responses! Still waiting on my V10 update push. But looking at the responses (and the link to the google doc. thanks for posting it), I guess I'm not getting Netflix lol

scott | 01. lokakuu 2019

I’ve been using Spotify exclusively since v10 was pushed. It’s only been a few days so far, but I have seen zero glitchyness and no crashes.. 2018 S 100D MCU1/AP2.5/FSD

scott | 01. lokakuu 2019

I’ve been using Spotify exclusively since v10 was pushed. It’s only been a few days so far, but I have seen zero glitchyness and no crashes.. 2018 S 100D MCU1/AP2.5/FSD

RonRichardson1440 | 01. lokakuu 2019

Just updated v10. tried Netflix but only got sound on my 12/2016 Model S. Careful, woke up this morning and my Netflix account had been hacked twice last night after trying to bring up Netflix on my Tesla. Had to cancel my Netflix account!! | 02. lokakuu 2019

Not sure your 2016 MCU1 is capable of Theatre or other video upgrades.

reed_lewis | 02. lokakuu 2019

My late 2016 does not have theater or video upgrades at all. So it is not possible with that car.

beheracts | 02. lokakuu 2019


Does "2016 Model S 85" will have the V10 upgrades?

S75RedRidingHood | 02. lokakuu 2019
rarunlal | 02. lokakuu 2019

AP1 MCU1 2016 ModelS, got V10 today but no Netflix :(

nwfan | 02. lokakuu 2019

Did AP1 cars get Spotify?

I have it in my 2017 Model S AP2.5 MCU1 FSD car.
But no caraoke, video playback (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu).
Or some of the arcade games like Cuphead.

My 2nd Tesla does. Model 3 LR delivered in Mar 2018.

apaley5 | 03. lokakuu 2019

does anyone know if tesla will upgrade the MCU1 to MCU2 at any point?

my car was feb 2018..oh so close

PrescottRichard | 03. lokakuu 2019

2016 Model S 90D AP1 car here, got Spotify with little else.

You need a premium Spotify account.

adebap | 03. lokakuu 2019

I got V10 last night on my 2016 Model S 90D Classic front. I see Spotify, and the new nav "dice" feature. some additional controls in the app. Its nice to be able to open and close the garage door from the cars main screen; I used Remote S/Tesla Remote to do that before. Other than that, not much else has changed that is visible. I assume my MX P90D will be the same. I don't see Tesla allowing us to upgrade MCU1 to MCU2 as they would rater us just by a new car.

Cambon.p | 03. lokakuu 2019

I can't find how to reduce the web browser side to mid screen size on my 2015 S85 with V10 :(

dalley514 | 03. lokakuu 2019

MS 75D - Vehicle design confirmed 11/6/2017 delivered 12/14/2017

Looks like I got MCU1 + AP2.5, how can I confirm this?

Also I purchased FSD so I have smart summon that will eventually include upgrading the AP processor but not the MCU1 correct? Is that the correct terminology?

raul.lopes | 04. lokakuu 2019

I have an old 2014 model S 60, european model. So with Spotify since the very beginning without any issues.
MCU1 with spotify works fine to me.

vpoz | 04. lokakuu 2019

2016 Ms with AP1 ... lane change now much quicker to initiate and much more assured, lane positioning generally better, stop start traffic much more assured... generally much better experience.
Would be nice if AP could allow lance change with h signal into highway off ramps... presently no lane change if dividing lane markings are wider n longer than normal gighway lane markings

rvkeshav | 04. lokakuu 2019

It is strange to see on that the number of AP1 cars has gone down from 38 to 32 in the last day. How is that possible? Are people reverting back to previous version of firmware?.Currently 55.2% of AP1 (old Teslas) are on V10.

My 2015 Model S 85 has not yet receive notification to download the V10 firmware. I wonder why the delay and is anything that I can do to force it to download the new software? We have good WiFi connectivity in our garage where the car is parked?

Djinn1 | 05. lokakuu 2019

Anyone in US try Spotify in a AP1 MCU1 configuration? Curious if it works well, any bugginess, is it worth while using? Hate slacker…

hiimphilll | 05. lokakuu 2019

US ap1 mcu1 3g vehicle on v10. My data connection is spotty sometimes and it will show “loading error”. but when there is signal, Spotify works fine and there is No buffering issues and sound quality seems decent. Overall would say, still an improvement over slacker

headvalerie | 05. lokakuu 2019

We got the notification that the update was ready to install, but I was on my way out the door to work so I closed the box. Now I can't get it to come back up to give me the option to install! We have good wifi and I've done Chat support twice. First person was no help at all. Second person said he "reconnected me" (whatever that means), but i still havent gotten the option to install again. Any ideas? (2016 AP1, MCU1)

hiimphilll | 05. lokakuu 2019

do you have advanced software update on ? Do you see a yellow arrow pointing down at top right of screen ? If you do, press that

manu22 | 05. lokakuu 2019

2017 S90, V10 upgrade, spotify works fine but no `theater` / netflix or karaoke !

manu22 | 05. lokakuu 2019

MCUs in Model S and Model X vehicles produced prior to March 2018 are equipped with 2011-era NVIDIA Tegra-3 chips, which worked well for the vehicles’ basic features but lacked in smoothness and speed compared to the Model 3’s Intel-powered MCU. Tesla introduced a newer, faster MCU for the Model S and Model X in March 2018.

Pay to upgrade MCU1 to 2 apparently in the works.

Dennis’ Tesla | 06. lokakuu 2019

2015 and they call it an older model., I guess it is . Anyway of paying for upgrade ,I have no Netflix ,Hulu or anything in the new upgrade

rvkeshav | 06. lokakuu 2019

It will be interesting to see the cost of the upgrade to MCU2 compared to the benefits it will provide to us "vanguards" who took a chance on Tesla at the initial stage.

Perhaps Tesla should come-up with a plan to trade our "old" 2015 Model S with Minerva. I have just 17 K on my car. I will be willing to pay a fair trade-up price in this scenario.

rvkeshav | 06. lokakuu 2019

Still no notification for V10 on my 2015 Model S. shows that 30 AP1 cars (55.6%) have received V10. Why are they not pushing the firmware to the rest of the cars? Granted we won't get lots of functionality that the AP2.5 & AP 3 will enjoy but it will be nice if Tesla does not forget us AP1 !

Chunky Jr. | 06. lokakuu 2019

I got V10 on my 2013 P85. I've gone through several MCUs, so I'm not sure which version I have. I do have LTE instead of 3G with the latest replacement about a year ago.
The release notes are blank, so I'm not sure what exactly is different for P85 vs newer cars.
I did get Spotify. Q : what are the + and checkmark buttons on music player for in Spotify?
No CupHead
No Netflix or YouTube (unless I can't find it, all I see is the arcade)

It says in the release notes that there are Bluetooth improvements to browse media on BT connected devices, but I am not able to do that when my iPhone X (iOS 13.1) is connected

Mike G | 07. lokakuu 2019

I got 2019.32.11.1 several days ago on my 2015 Model S. I think I got everything except theater and new games.
At least according to release notes.

samrueby | 08. lokakuu 2019

Still no V10 update yet on my 2015 Model S.

DBrohm | 08. lokakuu 2019

Somehow I got into an early group and got v10 on my '13 P85+ on October 2nd. Spotify is awesome.

rvkeshav | 12. lokakuu 2019

Still waiting for V10 for my 2009 Tesla S85 AP1. I see that some of the AP1 Tesla S have received 2019.32.12.1 641e9fa, the second V10 update.

I wonder why some of us are not getting the firmware? We have solid WiFi in our garage (Google Fiber). I called the SC and they told me that they don't have the capability to push the update.

I guess patience is a virtue but it is running thin!

Stiction | 13. lokakuu 2019

2015 S85D, just got the update mentioned above (e.g. with Spotify)

Darthamerica | 13. lokakuu 2019

2015 P90D pre facelift, got Spotify.

SnowFlake | 14. lokakuu 2019

Same here no V10 yet stuck at 28.2.5 with battery cap and charge cap .
After hour drive @20%Soc max went to 80kW for a second and settled at 60kW. No other cars in the pared stall.
Temperature 16℃