$1900CAD stock tires Mag Replica vs $3100CAD Tesla Aero winter wheels

$1900CAD stock tires Mag Replica vs $3100CAD Tesla Aero winter wheels

Which one would you go for?

Tesla shop winter tires package
4 x 18X8.5J Aero wheels
4 x 235/45/18 - PIRELLI WINTER SOTTOZERO™ tires
4 x tire pressure sensors
Total $3,105.00CAD Taxes included


Local garage
4 x Mag replica
4 x $206 Pirelli Winter Ice Zero Fr
4 x tpms
Total $1,900.00CAD Taxes included

Have anyone tried normal mags vs aero wheels and saw a big difference during winter time.
If the 7% distance saving from aero covers is significant during winter with the expected range lost from cold battery, would you say the extra $1,200$ is justified in that case?

Orthopod | 06. lokakuu 2019

Anyone bought other wheels than the ones on the Tesla website?

sl7vk | 06. lokakuu 2019

I just ordered aero wheels from my service center.
220 a piece.
100 for tpms on Amazon
720 for Michelin x ice.
80 for install
Around 1800 usd and I don’t have to deal with Pirellis.

PteRoy | 06. lokakuu 2019

For what it’s worth I am also going with the x ice tires. Had them on a previous car, although it was awd, but had zero issues with them. Going to give them another go. Using pmc tire, just can’t decide on what rims to go with.

jimdoran64 | 06. lokakuu 2019

These guys seem to come well recommended and offer Tesla specific wheel and x-ice tire combos

Orthopod | 10. lokakuu 2019

Do you think the 7% energy saving is worth the extra $1200CAD? Or the defect will be lowered during snowstorm and driving on slushy roads.

Orthopod | 10. lokakuu 2019


FISHEV | 10. lokakuu 2019

I think the Aero covers best effect was 5% on highway driving and then that needs to be averaged with no effect at lower speeds. Wish someone would make an Aero silver mag wheel. You’d think Tesla would have done that as optional equip and made an extra $1k net profit per car as I’d be most would order it.

What is the “mag replica”? Is that an actual Aero wheel or just another cover?

ShaunyD | 10. lokakuu 2019

Can you not just replace the tires and tpms with winters at a local tire shop, and put the original performance tires back on in the summer? If you're trying to save money.

dgcan75 | 11. lokakuu 2019

I have the xice on my model 3 and last winter they were great. The prirelli are fine for performance if you do not live in an area with a lot of snow or ice. Otherwise the prirelli don't grip enough as they're more focused on performance than Canadian winter driving

Orthopod | 11. lokakuu 2019


I have always changed my winter/summer wheels myself for the last 16 years. I bet it will be more cost savvy to buy mags and do it myself.

FISHEV | 11. lokakuu 2019

"I bet it will be more cost savvy to buy mags and do it myself.@Maxxer

If you figure $1,000 for nice dedicated winter wheels, that pays for a lot of $50 tire changes at Les Schwab, about 10 years worth.