Strange sound when backing up and using brakes

Strange sound when backing up and using brakes

I am getting a strange screeching sound when backing the car and using brakes. Almost as if the brake pads are worn off. My car is just one year old, and I drive it once a week, if at all. And that too, only 30 miles.

Has anybody else had this happen to them? Should I go to the service center?

Magic 8 Ball | 06. lokakuu 2019

If it is not a pebble it could be a clip that came loose. Check for pebbles.

Rutrow 3 | 06. lokakuu 2019

If it isn't a pebble or such, it may just be the lack of wear on the rotors due to One Pedal Driving. If you're a sedate driver and use regen braking to the extreme, the rotors can rust pretty badly. It's the case with my wife's MS, I take it out periodically and do some high speed hard braking just to machine off the rust.

M3phan | 06. lokakuu 2019

You bought a Tesla only to drive it once a week? Wassup?

GHammer | 06. lokakuu 2019

Like others have said most likely a pebble stuck against the brake rotor. Happens to my S all the time. Any tire shop should be able to take care of it.

M3phan | 07. lokakuu 2019

Or it’s the new PWS sound option called “Scrapey Brake”.