A new Option Called Media

A new Option Called Media

I guess this is still being tested out or is possibly a new work in development.

Saw it in my app a few times, was able to play some music or radio remotely from my phone, but right now it has disappeared!

dkabq | 14. lokakuu 2019

My understanding is that Media in the app is to control what is currently playing in the vehicle while you are in the vehicle (ex: from the back seat) If you leave the vehicle the Media option will disappear. Never used it because always in the front seat. It enables you to control volume, move through favorites, skip tracks... can't say I use it, but originally played with it.

losangelesram | 14. lokakuu 2019

Oh, that's may be why it has been doing a disappearing act!

I was not in the car but my son was using it. The system must have assumed I was in the car since I was checking his mileage situation with my app.

Now, I will check it while I am in the car.