Punishing my Model 3

Punishing my Model 3

A little piece of Buttonwillow Raceway Park will always be with her. Literally.

jimglas | 16. lokakuu 2019

nicely done!

cybergrafx | 16. lokakuu 2019

That looks FUN! - Thanks for sharing

Joe M | 16. lokakuu 2019

Great test of the automatic wipers ! I only wish I had a place local to test them like that.

Swampy | 16. lokakuu 2019

Sold my (4th) 911 and got myself a M3 Performance — LOVE it so far. Can’t wait to take it to the track. What’s your experience with Tesla Corsa? I usually run with Speedventures, but I assume Tesla Corsa provides a charging service? If so, how was that? Did you wait in line a lot or do they have plenty of chargers?

Effopec | 16. lokakuu 2019

Did you have fresh underwear for the end there?

one.more.again | 16. lokakuu 2019

UnPlugged Performance used Speed Ventures to put on the Tesla Corsa events. They just give the Teslas their own run groups. No additional charging is provided over what is already there. That's why they mainly run at Buttonwillow - there are two Superchargers within 20 miles and the track has a decent number of RV spots with 14-50 chargers. They do run once a year at Laguna in conjunction with ReFuel, which provides special on-site chargers.

Kary993 | 17. lokakuu 2019

Very nice lap until the mishap ;) Having raced there a lot I must admit I have never seen anyone hit gators as high up as you did in that lap and as hard. With racing three piece BBS wheels that are ultra light weight the aluminum inner or outer wheel halves would have been severely bent with a lap like that not to mention the alignment out of wack :0 Not good for the suspension either. I hope your M3 holds up to that if you do that often because even Porsche's that are built for racing could not continually take that kind of beating without parts replacements and realignment regularly.

JAD | 17. lokakuu 2019

Very nice line! Great driving. Buttonwillow dirt will be falling out of places for years to come!!!

Swampy | 17. lokakuu 2019

@one.more.again How many laps a session do you run? How much energy do you use each session? Can you run 2 sessions on one charge and make it back to the Superchargers?

Sorry for all the questions :)

Fuzzball | 17. lokakuu 2019

that is awesome ----- RWD? reminds me of how i want to plow through NYC traffic

one.more.again | 18. lokakuu 2019

Just got the car back from 5 Point Auto Spa in Carlsbad. Don't know how they did it, but it looks cleaner than the day I picked it up from Tesla.

Swampy - At Tesla Corsa the sessions are only 15 minutes, so not counting the out-lap and the cool-down lap I usually get 4 good laps in. Most track-day sponsors run 25 minute session, which is a bit long for an EV's thermal and brakes. I think about 20 minutes is perfect though to get a good 5 or 6 laps in.

Firaz - yes, LR RWD. I think we're all tempted in traffic, but best to take it out on the track!

one.more.again | 18. lokakuu 2019

Yes, you can easily get 2 sessions in the morning, supercharge and go back for two more. At buttonwillow they also have lots of rv spaces with 14-50 to top off between sessions.

one.more.again | 27. lokakuu 2019