Software Build v10.0 2019.36.2.1 ea322ad (11/8/2019)

Software Build v10.0 2019.36.2.1 ea322ad (11/8/2019)

New update on my M3 DM, New York city

Tom11-18 | 08. marraskuu 2019

Mine too, M3 DM, NYS

crmedved | 08. marraskuu 2019

I'm jealous. No update yet for my M3 DM, Delaware.

ADinM3 | 08. marraskuu 2019

Just got it also. I think the floodgates may be opening up on this one.

Lbanworth | 08. marraskuu 2019

I'm installing mine as we speak! In Maryland...

Skuld | 08. marraskuu 2019

Downloading as I speak. Have a SC appt tomorrow to mount my carbon fiber spoiler and badges on my P3D, 15 months after delivery August 23, 2018. No HW 3.0 appt yet.

390146 | 08. marraskuu 2019

Update in progress on mine in Wyoming now.

thart | 08. marraskuu 2019

Just took delivery of a 2020 LR M3. It was delivered with 2019.31.1.103. Not sure why a 2020 wouldn’t ship with V10.

RES IPSA | 08. marraskuu 2019

New features I care about are:

1. a 5% power increase (is this in addition to the previous 5% power increase of several months ago??)

2. A new HOLD mode which will bring the car to a complete stop. Kinda cool, but will take a little time to get use to as the car at slow speeds really feels like the regen is on steroids.

3. Auto navigate

RES IPSA | 08. marraskuu 2019

I have a 2018 LR RWD in San Diego

crmedved | 08. marraskuu 2019

@Skuld I've read that they occasionally do a courtesy upgrade to HW3 (for those with FSD) when the car is in the shop for other work. Good luck!

eric | 08. marraskuu 2019

36.2.1 installed and P3D+ 0-60 still 3.2s. Where’s the power increase? 5% should be 3.06s no?

Frank99 | 08. marraskuu 2019

Just finished updating mine - after my evening double margarita. Guess I'll look forward to a nice drive in the morning to check out the differences.

rsingh05 | 08. marraskuu 2019

Just finished installing. New features:
1) Stopping mode
2) Scheduled departure
3) 5% power increase
4) Automatic navigation

beaver | 08. marraskuu 2019

@eric (sweet alias I am jealous)
Previous reports on 36.1 with 3 P show only 0.05 sec reduction to 3.31 sec flat and 3.12 1 foot rolling. I haven’t been updated yet.

rsingh05 | 08. marraskuu 2019

So 3.2 goes to 3.1. Some mags (or DaErik) may even get 3.0, and I think that's when Tesla will update their page.

I'm hoping for a bigger mid-high range increase, i.e. above 60mph, say the quarter mile. low 11s will be sweet.

lph | 08. marraskuu 2019

Updated mine earlier today... feels like more power but i only had 65% battery (it felt more like 100%). The "Hold" mode works great so far. Have not tried the other features yet.

sa012 | 09. marraskuu 2019

For any SR+ owners who got the new update, does it mention the Super Charger upgrades?

kevin_rf | 09. marraskuu 2019

Showed up last night at 11pm. LR-AWD HW 2.5 EAP FSD.

wayne | 09. marraskuu 2019

Just got the new update. The whole feature works very well. It brings the car to a very firm stop which you can modulate using the Excelerator. Haven’t had a chance to try for power yet. Probably won’t use auto navigate.

wayne | 09. marraskuu 2019

Correction hold not whole. I have an awd performance.

Frank99 | 09. marraskuu 2019

LR RWD - power increase is subtle but still noticeable, mostly in the amount of chirping I get from the tires under acceleration.
I'm not entirely sold on "Hold" mode. Braking is a bit harsher - it almost feels like the car is applying the brakes as soon as it starts regenerating, and keeps them applied all the way to a full stop. It's also gonna take a bit of retraining while reversing - seems like they could reduce the braking effect a bit there to make it easier to modulate.

kevin_rf | 09. marraskuu 2019

Ummm question, is there a way to set departure time without it turning on the environmental controls? My TOU ends at 7am, not 6am and I don't leave until 8ish. Personally, I would rather the car not waste the energy on an empty seat.

jebinc | 09. marraskuu 2019

36.2.1 seems to have slowed down to a trickle in the past few hours... Wonder if that means anything, like 36.3 being worked up?

wayne | 09. marraskuu 2019

I seem to be getting used to the “hold” feature quickly and I really like it. Tried stopping headed up and down a moderately steep grade. It worked flawlessly.

floatplane99 | 09. marraskuu 2019

Just got 36.2.1. I'm pleased that one-pedal mode is now an user-selectable option, I have been driving in near-one-pedal style for a while. I also used to not-enjoy it when in reverse it would roll forward if you weren't careful. That becomes a thing of the past.

Were there any changes to smart summon anyone has noticed? It never worked at my home before, it would just stutter, attempt to go the wrong way, stutter again and give up due to single-lane driveway with trees to the back of my house.

wiscy67 | 09. marraskuu 2019

Is one-pedal mode on by default after the update? If not, how do you select it?

wayne | 09. marraskuu 2019

No. It’s menu > driving > select creep vs roll (default) vs hold. I haven’t found yet if it saves with the driver profile.

jwins | 09. marraskuu 2019

@wayne It does save the setting to your profile, and it's set to Roll after the install. I think after a (short) while, it will become intuitive as to how quickly it comes to a stop once you pull your foot off the accelerator. (Don't want to be rolling past stop signs :) Reverse is definitely more tricky, and I briefly considered switching to Roll for that, but I think this too just needs a little time. Overall, love it!

wayne | 09. marraskuu 2019

I think reverse is fine. It’s just, well, the reverse! I have to maneuver back and forth a couple of times to get into my garage and I’m getting the hang of it.

ALDONY | 09. marraskuu 2019

Didn't Elon said there was also a 5% range increase?

stingray.don | 09. marraskuu 2019

The LR AWD is going from 310 to 322 rated range. Apparently, not part of the current update.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 09. marraskuu 2019

ALDONY | November 9, 2019
Didn't Elon said there was also a 5% range increase?


floatplane99 | 09. marraskuu 2019

There's not a range increase, just a power increase. I would prefer the former myself. Existing LR AWD vehicles will remain with the 310 mile rated range they had when sold, but new LR AWDs are increased to 322. The LR AWD was uprated to 325 some time ago, including existing vehicles in that class, but it was dropped from the line up to purchase some time ago.

kristine.song1 | 09. marraskuu 2019

Still no update on mine (LR AWD HW3 FSD). andddd just started having the weird black screen when in reverse. :/ anyone have the update in Austin, TX?

alexlpfernandes | 09. marraskuu 2019

Does any one know if 36.2 is in Canada yet. Does it apply to SR+

rsingh05 | 09. marraskuu 2019

I can definitely feel the power increase. Haven't timed it but seat of the pants, 0-~70 feel noticeably quicker (3P).

mushhood.sheikh89 | 09. marraskuu 2019

I don’t have an update yet on my M3 SR+ in NJ. Anyone from NJ already got an update?

lancemyhanh | 09. marraskuu 2019

After downloading V10, have anybody see an increase of the SR+ (from 240 to 250)?
Please let me know. I don't see a difference on my range.

cascadiadesign | 09. marraskuu 2019

After the update, I set to Stop Mode, drove it & regen acted as before. Only after performing a reset did Stop Mode begin working. I like it a lot, but I tend to come to a full stop a little early at a light. It will probably take a few days to re-calibrate my right foot.

jebinc | 10. marraskuu 2019

I don't think Tesla meant "rated range" will increase, but rather the loss of range (from braking) will be decreased - meaning with "hold" mode on, you will go further than with it off, as regen is used more slow down and the brakes less (less energy is converted to heat, etc.).

JAD | 10. marraskuu 2019

Jebinc, I think both will happen. Rated range is based on the EPA testing cycle, which will improve using the hold features so Tesla probably could increase the rated range. But rated is for mixed driving, not the range if you just drive on the freeway which is lower and of course won't change with this update, only City would improve

jebinc | 10. marraskuu 2019

@JAD I hope you are correct. From early reports, extended rated range does not seem to be part of the 36.x release.

FISHEV | 10. marraskuu 2019

"Rated range is based on the EPA testing cycle, which will improve using the hold features so Tesla probably could increase the rated range."@JAD

Yes and no. The EPA tests showed a higher range than Tesla posted for the car initially. Car mfgs. can understate the test results but cannot overstate them. Kona EV and e-Tron did this in a big way to the point that users tend to beat the range by a lot, 290 actual vs. 258 stated in Kona and 240 actual vs. 202 stated in e-Tron. They are selling to more conventional buyers so don't want to have to explain all the battery issues and owners will get the rated range in all kinds of conditions like the cold.

Tesla likely had some reserve that it just released for the Model 3 LR AWD from 310 to 322. All same Model 3 owners should see the Rated Range in the car go up to 322. Tesla is totally dark on this, not announced as part of 2019.35.x.x. Don't think anyone has seen their Rated Range go to 322 on any of the updates but hoping.

jebinc | 10. marraskuu 2019

"If I promise to miss you, will you go away?"

IRVINE32 | 10. marraskuu 2019

Speaking to the increased power portion of this software update here are the numbers pre and post update from yesterday on my M3P:

0-30 1.55s
0-60 3.41s (3.16 with 1ft rollout)
1/8 mile 7.43@93.88
1/4 mile 11.68@114.61

0-30 1.53s
0-60 3.30s (3.08 with 1ft rollout)
1/8 mile 7.36@95.55
1/4 mile 11.52@116.92

jebinc | 10. marraskuu 2019


Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to seeing the same for the LR AWD model!

JAD | 10. marraskuu 2019

Wow, someone has to pull a sub 3 if the Stars align just right.

jebinc | 10. marraskuu 2019


I'm thinking the percentage improvement with this update will vary by model. My prediction is that the LR models (RWD and AWD) will have the greatest increase. Just a hunch (and a hope). ;-)

Rodgers999 | 10. marraskuu 2019

No up yet
Any one get it yet in pa

jebinc | 10. marraskuu 2019

Looks like the latest release stalled, just like 36.1 did. Here's to hoping we see 36.3 soon!