Tesla-Screen - new features

Tesla-Screen - new features

New features have been added to by user request:
You can now activate/deactivate climate and defrost using two new buttons in the interior temperature card.

This was prompted by a user that wished to pre-condition his vehicle from a PC at work. It is also useful if you want to quickly toggle the settings without needing to go into the climate screen.


derotam | 14. marraskuu 2019

Thank you CST!

vmulla | 14. marraskuu 2019

Thank you!

dave | 15. marraskuu 2019

The login page still has a typo - "Tesa" instead of "Tesla".
> This site is intended for use from your Tesa's web browser.

I'm very reluctant to give login credentials to a 3rd party app.
I am much more reluctant when the app has poor grammar or spelling, as then it looks like a scam email.

However, I've seen plenty of positive comments on the Tesla forums about, so I think I'll give it a try.

derotam | 15. marraskuu 2019

@dave: I just use the API token instead of the full login credentials.

dave | 15. marraskuu 2019

Thanks @derotam. But the page also requires the Tesla login, doesn't it?

styvwerx | 17. marraskuu 2019

I REALLY want them to change the "Night" screen; dark grey letters on a black background at night is just idiotic!

derotam | 17. marraskuu 2019

@Dave, did you read the description on that page? Look at the page posts straight to the tesla servers.

derotam | 17. marraskuu 2019

@Dave, you can do it yourself using a script and windows powershell or other ways in linux...just have to use google. I have a script around somewhere.

dave | 17. marraskuu 2019

Thanks @derotam, I was looking it that, using Chrome Developer Tools to see the HTTP traffic and capture the token.
I'd like to see your script if you are willing to share it.

Sarah R | 17. marraskuu 2019

@ dorotam I would also like to see your code.

And I'll ask: is Tampermonkey useful here at all?

derotam | 18. marraskuu 2019

Phew, I found the original reference...I hate posting code without original source...

Scroll to the bottom of the site for the script and windows instructions. This site is doing the same thing as what CST is doing with his tesla-screen site.

CST | 18. marraskuu 2019

@dave - thanks for the spelling report, I'll get that fixed this morning.