Slower Braking

Slower Braking

Has anyone noticed with the new update when the new "Hold" mode is engaged that the regenerative braking from say 45 mph on up is much slower than previously?

Lorenzryanc | 15. marraskuu 2019

Check the temp cause it's colder too. If you have any dotted line on the left side of your regen bar, you're regen braking is reduced.

jimglas | 15. marraskuu 2019

regen seems much more aggressive to me

82bert | 15. marraskuu 2019

You likely have limited regen due to cold weather.

jamespompi | 15. marraskuu 2019

@jimglas same

jimglas | 15. marraskuu 2019

@james: And improved

M3phan | 15. marraskuu 2019

I’m in a warmer climate and the regen feels a little more aggressive as it gets closer to stopping… I like it. Except when our temps dipped close to freezing recently, the regen does what it normally does, and that’s to feel weaker.

rdm227 | 16. marraskuu 2019

I understand it is less during colder periods and when the battery isn't warmed up, but temps have been relatively constant and definitely see reduced braking with the new update.

FISHEV | 16. marraskuu 2019

"Has anyone noticed with the new update when the new "Hold" mode is engaged that the regenerative braking from say 45 mph on up is much slower than previously?"@rdm227


They see to have softened the center and hardened the bottom. The net effect is taking over all harder regen and shorter distances. I prefer the original but Tesla says the shorter/harder regen will increase range so I'm going to try it for a month or two and see how if it has any noticeable effect on range.

4thekidz | 17. marraskuu 2019

I have been driving with the new update the last two days and I agree that the regenerative braking at higher speeds is weaker. The cold weather argument does not hold up in my case. I was driving in 80+ degree heat in SoCal. I needed to use the brake pedal several times when driving 45+ in situations where I don't think I would have previously and it honestly seemed more difficult to get the car to stop in time. It took me a bit by surprise. So the one pedal driving feels like a trade off to me. I do really like how hold mode takes over once you have stopped (without needing to hit brake pedal).

dprmoore | 17. marraskuu 2019

I know most everyone is talking about the new aggressive regen braking after the latest update, but . . . I can't tell any difference. I took delivery of my M3 LR DM AWD in late September, and the braking was always pretty aggressive since day one. I have always been able to do the 'one pedal driving'.

I wonder if the late build date of the car has anything to do with that?

While we are on the subject of the new update, I love the 'click' sound from the Hold feature. Let's me know it is engaged. :)

Also, on the toybox, did it always make those star trails when you drag your finger over the screen?

derotam | 18. marraskuu 2019
Russell.K.Smith | 18. marraskuu 2019

I was really impress with the braking, one foot driving now
Thanks to the Teals team for the update