2019.40.1 Great updates coming non stop!

2019.40.1 Great updates coming non stop!

2019.40.1 will included SR+ charging to 170kW.
Included improvements to lane changes and the automatic wipers.

Neural net for wiper operation now. Faster and more confident lane changes.

I can't wait!!

Wonder if they disabled the 5 tap yet :)

bddaughe | 15. marraskuu 2019

Thanks for sharing Joshan! That's awesome. It's like Christmas every other week or so!

vmulla | 15. marraskuu 2019

This 2019.40. is the update that is rumored to address the bug where rear-vents blow hot air (95F, I measured)
I really hope it fixes it. I'm towards the end of my warranty and this is a comfort issue for my kids in the back seat.

82bert | 15. marraskuu 2019

@vmulla. If true, that would be amazing.

andrewlee05 | 15. marraskuu 2019

@vmulla - you already have close to 50k miles?

vmulla | 15. marraskuu 2019

Here's a cut/paste from another thread.

vcanuel | October 23, 2019
Just came back from Tesla service center in Belgium for the same issue. An internal technical note indicates that this issue will be fixed with 2019.40.
Here a copy of the diagnostic from my invoice :
Opmerking: HVAC is blowing hot air to the rear passengers ( when cold is selected ) .
Inspected car data, found that the issue is caused by faulty firmware. Update 2019.40 will resolve this issue.

There are other issues where service center folks promised firmware fixes, and they weren't realized, so I've mixed feelings about these promises. For that matter, I was promised a firmware fix for the rear-vent blowing hot back in Sep 2018 - clearly that did not happen. I'm looking forward for this update, and hoping it's going to take care of this issue.

vmulla | 15. marraskuu 2019

andrewlee05 | November 15, 2019
@vmulla - you already have close to 50k miles?

46,853 miles

82bert | 15. marraskuu 2019

Thanks for the info. Fingers crossed.

That’s a lot of miles. Good for you

jebinc | 15. marraskuu 2019

Looking forward to more early holiday presents!!!

Atoms | 15. marraskuu 2019

Neural network for automatic driver profile selection yet? Does not even require continuous compute power. Just before starting to drive after sitting down.

M3phan | 15. marraskuu 2019

Excellent. Lane changes that initiate sooner and are more assertive will be very welcome.

Pepperidge | 15. marraskuu 2019

Future is here, right.

calvin940 | 15. marraskuu 2019

" faulty firmware. Update 2019.40 will resolve this..."

I know that at one point someone (or a group of someones) were arguing against people calling the updates firmware instead of software. It is interesting that the Tesla tech folks themselves refer to it as firmware.

vmulla | 15. marraskuu 2019

Let's just call it updates.

EVRider | 15. marraskuu 2019

Tesla uses "software" in the manual and UI, but there's a "firmware (software) updates" index entry in the manual, so Tesla considers them equivalent. It makes no difference (when talking about Teslas).

M3phan | 15. marraskuu 2019

firm always better than soft

kemsusuk | 21. marraskuu 2019

@vmulla mind is same issue... so annoying... I already ask a lawyer for lemon law.. my just only 1600 miles... so sad..

MAB1980 | 21. marraskuu 2019

It could be software or firmware or both.

harold_saun | 06. joulukuu 2019

Kemsusuk just for druthers, what are you getting a lawyer for?

socaldave | 06. joulukuu 2019

Man, the lane changes are MILES better with 40.1, it's crazy how much more "confident" the car moves into the next lane. Soooooo so awesome.

ronocoug | 06. joulukuu 2019

@vmulla - I'm confused. If the rear-vents blow hot air issue is to be solved with an OTA (reference the Belgium e-mail), then being beyond your warranty doesn't matter, no? Of course the caveat is if it's a mechanical issue then yes, everyone would like a solution before out of warranty. The beauty of owning a Tesla is that we'll still get fixes/improvements with OTAs after warranty period expiration.

stingray.don | 06. joulukuu 2019

And now 40.2 is rolling out. Includes speed adjustments for entering an adjacent lane while on NoA, as well as stop light and stop sign warnings. Release notes posted over on TMC.