Washing Car in Winter

Washing Car in Winter

I have been cleaning my car with ONR since I got it in June with excellent results. Today was the first time I tried it in the cold (-3°C) and the results were a disaster. Everywhere is covered in an opaque, white smear. I'm not sure if the drying clothes are not very good, and in the summer the moisture just evaporated off, or if there is another reason. Maybe it was so dirty from the salt and sand used on the roads here during the winter that it just needs a second wash? Any thoughts or suggestions?

FISHEV | 16. marraskuu 2019

Get thee to an automatic software brush car wash.

FISHEV | 16. marraskuu 2019

Lots of instructions on how to overcome Tesla's settings to put the car in neutral for the car wash.

coleAK | 16. marraskuu 2019

So you are saying you tried to wash your car outside with water when it was below freezing? And surprised the car froze? I was my car all winter in Alaska in my garage with “no run ever wash and shine”. As long as I don’t let it get too dirty it takes ~10 min and is super easy.

coleAK | 16. marraskuu 2019

Man auto type killed me^^^. Wash ... no rinse wash and shine

FISHEV | 16. marraskuu 2019

The blow dry is a big help in the auto washes in winter.

wayne | 16. marraskuu 2019

Probably the salt. You probably have to actually wash it off. My clean car got splattered with snow melt (MgCl2 ?). I rinsed it with my hose and wiped off with microfiber towels and it looks great!

Pg3ibew | 16. marraskuu 2019

When the temps are below freezing, -3 C would be below freezing, and you wash your car with H2O, it freezes.
My guess, the opaque, white smear, is Frozen H2O.

wayne | 16. marraskuu 2019

Good point it was above freezing when I hosed off my car.

Bighorn | 16. marraskuu 2019

In general, winter is not good for ONR because of the amount of accumulated debris. Spraying water is bad as well because of freezing. Never use a car wash that contacts the paint unless you want optical damage to the clearcoat. Wait for a warm (above freezing) day if you absolutely must wash.

howard | 16. marraskuu 2019

Soft touch auto car wash about twice a week. The “car” looks great.

Ang_ontario | 16. marraskuu 2019

Thanks for the replies guys. I actually did wash the car in the garage not ourside, which is above freezing, but not by a lot. I did wipe the No Rinse off straight away, thinking it was before it could freeze, but maybe I wasn't fast enough. Hopefully it will warm up this week and I will try to clean it once more. After that I might just leave it until spring. I've never worried about dirty cars before, but this one just looks so much better when it is clean.

howard | 16. marraskuu 2019

The nice thing about the auto car wash in the winter is it keeps the undercarriage good and clean. Keeps the mag chloride and salt from building up. More of a concern to me than the exterior paint.

FISHEV | 16. marraskuu 2019

"After that I might just leave it until spring"!!!!!!

Holt smokes Indy! I can barely go a week without washing and not just the Tesla. Just realized I'm going to lose my "Fill Up" Discount at the best apre-ski car wash.

calvin940 | 16. marraskuu 2019

I use the notouch on milder days to get rid of salt .

Spartan24 | 17. marraskuu 2019

@Howard have you experienced any issues with car wash discoloring your chrome (bright work)? I had mine into service center this past week for few items and the chrome trim around the small side windows toward rear of vehicle, on both driver and passenger side, look very oxidized. Rest Of chrome looks great. Service center said it’s from chemicals in car washes and thus not covered by warranty. Pretty bummed and I know a lot of 3 owners use touch less car washes so wondering if anybody else experienced this.

FISHEV | 17. marraskuu 2019

"Service center said it’s from chemicals in car washes and thus not covered by warranty."@terry.k.morrow

What car wash? Since Tesla's answer was completely phony, no need to tell them you took the car to the car wash. How would they prove it?

After that go round, ask the tech for what are the chemicals that Tesla manual says will discolor the chrome on the car and they'll get with the car wash to see if they chemicals are present.

Third round is since the Tesla manual does not say what kind of chemicals discolor the Tesla parts, how can an owner avoid them?

Spartan24 | 17. marraskuu 2019

@Fish all good points. I had a terrible service experience that I plan to share. This was only one aspect.

howard | 17. marraskuu 2019

terry.k.morrow, no I have never had issues with any aspect of any of my vehicles I run through the soft touch auto wash do to the auto wash chemicals. The service center is feeding you a line of crap. Sun and road chemicals are the real hazards. I have a monthly subscription and run it through probably close to twice a week. It is right on my way home and a 10 minute detour with hand dry. If there is another service center close enough or schedule Mobile service thru your app. Go thru the online portal and send pictures. Bad trim if it is discoloring.

SalisburySam | 18. marraskuu 2019

@Bighorn, that was eye-opening. So rotating brushes are in the author’s opinion the least harmful of the automatic washes since they tend to sling dirt off and not rub it into the next vehicle. Never thought of that.

Still trying to get the car to stay in neutral with no one in it for the distance needed. And then how to explain all that to the attendants re-beautifying the vehicle.