Overall Wh/mi

Overall Wh/mi

I've been reading a thread about replacement tires and their efficiency in Wh/mmi compared to the OEM tires. I'm at 15K+ miles and am starting to think about replacement tires. How can I see my average Wh/mi over the life of the car to date?

X8IB | 17. marraskuu 2019

Did you know where you see the trip wh/mi, you can swipe up to bring up more statistics, the last one is for life energy efficiency.

derotam | 17. marraskuu 2019

You only have a lifetime value if you have a trip meter that you have never reset. A lot of people rename Trip A or B to "Lifetime" and then never reset it.

bill | 17. marraskuu 2019

Damn! A is for me and B is for my wife. Swiping all the way to the bottom shows my odometer but no energy usage.

I find something useful in TeslaFi, but that's only since I subscribed to TeslaFi.

jebinc | 17. marraskuu 2019

254 wh/mi - LR AWD

SalisburySam | 18. marraskuu 2019

LR RWD 06/18 build, lifetime = 246 wh/mi.

82bert | 18. marraskuu 2019

Nearly same as jebinic at 257 with LR Dual Motor.

jdcollins5 | 18. marraskuu 2019

LR RWD, August 18 build, 16,000 miles - 237 Wh/mile

Pg3ibew | 18. marraskuu 2019

220 for me. But only 1100 miles on the car

charles.a.braun | 18. marraskuu 2019

243Wh/Mi Lifetime. Delivery 12-26-17 LR-RWD 70,912 miles.

On my 2nd set of tires since about 50,000 and they are the same Conti's that came on the car.

balmo | 18. marraskuu 2019

14 months, 27k miles, 267 wh/mi, ny area, LR awd, 18in with aero covers removed. its like 235 in the summer and 310 in the winter

Goodman.Larry | 18. marraskuu 2019

20 months, 33k miles, 215 wh/mi, Maryland (DC area), LR rwd, 18in with aero covers. Replaced standard tires with Michelin CrossClimate+ at 28k. I always run it in Chill mode (since Chill mode was made available).

foodking | 18. marraskuu 2019

239 Wh/Mi, 15k, LR AWD

WEST TEX EV | 18. marraskuu 2019

303 Wh/mi Perf after 6300mi

adamwilt | 18. marraskuu 2019

LR AWD 18" aeros, 1 year today, 233 Wh/mi. Portland, OR area, with road trips to SoCal and Nevada

wiscy67 | 18. marraskuu 2019

I'm just the opposite - I haven't reset either A or B. I'm at 212 wh/mi with my SR+. I just rotated tires at 9200 mi. I have the 19" sport wheels and still had 7/32 on rear and 8/32 on front. I'm hoping to get 40,000 out of this set.

-TheJohn- | 18. marraskuu 2019

252 over 20k LR RWD with 19"s