For Cali Peeps: Important updates to CVRP Program

For Cali Peeps: Important updates to CVRP Program

I received this Saturday from the Tesla Owner's Club, NorCal-Reno:

A reminder that changes go into effect for the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Program effective 12/3. Full details on the changes can be found here (

The key changes for Tesla purchases:
• Rebates are now limited to 1 per individual for the life of the program (down from 2)
• The standard rebate amount has dropped by $500 to $2,000
• A $60,000 MSRP cap has been instituted which effectively eliminates the Model S and Model X from the program.
To take advantage of the old program, you must take delivery and file your paperwork by 12/2.

Good luck to the new owners trying to beat the deadline!

p4594spa | 18. marraskuu 2019

Not entirely accurate. the limit of 2 rebates is not retro-active. So if you have one rebate already and buy after 12/3 you can still get a rebate

Switchmon | 18. marraskuu 2019

I am glad I received my check last week.