San Diego to Fresno and back

San Diego to Fresno and back

Just a short trip report. Last weekend I my LR RWD M3 up to Fresno on Saturday and back to San Diego on Sunday. I started with about 95% charge and made it to the Tejon Ranch Supercharger. The charger was busy but there were a few spots available. Unfortunately I was only getting about 50kW so the stop took about an hour instead of the 20min I was expecting. After that I made it to Fresno with about 85 miles remaining. By Sunday morning it had cooled down a bit and I was down to 75 miles of range. My only choice was to charge at the Fresno Supercharger. That was disappointing. When I got there around 10:30AM there was a line of 6 cars waiting to charge. I ended up having to wait over an hour just to plug in! Even though all of the chargers were occupied (except for one broken one) I was able to get a decent charge rate. I only stayed for 20min because I just needed enough to get to Kettleman City. When I left there was still a line waiting to charge. I'm sure the new Supercharger in Fresno will be a welcome addition for the people who live there. Kettleman City was a real treat. If you're driving by it you need to make the stop. There were plenty of chargers available, the lounge feels like an airport first class lounge, and there are food and souvenirs available. I grabbed a coffee and a hat and I was done charging to 90% in no time. The rest of the way home was fine. I had to charge again at Santa Ana. There were a few spots available and I was able to get 150kW while walking the mall. Just 20min there and I was able to get home. Overall it was a pretty good experience but it would have been better if I was able to charge overnight at my location and skip the Fresno Supercharger. Upgrading Tejon Ranch to allow faster charging when crowded would be nice too. I was able to use Autopilot 99% of the time which makes drives like that much more enjoyable. I'm looking forward to my next long Tesla drive.

beaver | 27. marraskuu 2019

Good report thanks for sharing. I bet Fresno supercharging will be an issue this travel weekend. You got home in time to avoid peak travel

sbeggs | 27. marraskuu 2019

Thanks for the report!
Happy Thanksgiving!

apodbdrs | 29. marraskuu 2019

OP, did you attempt to check how many stalls were available by checking the Tesla screen before going to the particular supercharger. Yjour Model 3 provides details on the number of units available at each of the superchargers with in a 300 mile radius.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 29. marraskuu 2019

Seems like a pain in the butt. If I succumb to a road trip on a big travel holiday, I think I’ll take one of my 3 gas vehicles rather than my 3P. I look forward to 1 hour waits not being obstacles.

pweady | 29. marraskuu 2019

I followed the route suggested by the built in nav. I was monitoring the available stalls at Tejon Ranch and knew it was going to be busy but I just didn't expect the charge rate to be so slow. The problem with Fresno is there is no other Supercharger within 50 miles and there's no way to know if there is a line. I looked at my account history and it turns out that I wasn't charged for the 16kWh I got in Fresno. Perhaps it was a good gesture by Tesla knowing how crowded that station was.

apodbdrs | 30. marraskuu 2019

I have to all over the southwest, from southern California, to N California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and east Texas in the last two months, and I never had to wait for a charger, except 10 minutes in Las Vegas because my wife wanted to do some shopping. I have had to wait longer on my trips when I went in my ICE vehicles, just a little planning and it is a breeze.

FISHEV | 30. marraskuu 2019

A good time to break out the Chademo adapter and hit one of the EVgo's or EA's for 50kW/200 mph vs. waiting an hour for 50kW Tesla SC.

Now if Tesla would give us the CCS adapter for the Model 3 that it sells in EU for $100 on the S/X, would have lots of alternatives.

apodbdrs | 30. marraskuu 2019

prior post meant to say "I have traveled..."

BTW there are Tesla superchargers everywhere within easy distance. I have yet to use anything other than a Tesla supercharger on the road; even though there are also many destinations chargers available.

Bighorn | 30. marraskuu 2019

Driving 800 miles today and like the last 321,000 miles, Chademo and CCS will never even cross my mind.

walnotr | 30. marraskuu 2019

@Bighorn +1 Have never needed anything but Tesla SCs in my paltry 48K miles of traveling coast to coast.

Varricks | 04. joulukuu 2019

@pweady "Kettleman City was a real treat. If you're driving by it you need to make the stop".

I made a run one evening from almost Sacramento down I-5 just to check out the Kettleman City charger. One stop at Gustine (and Andersen's Pea Soup) on the way south, then another at Harris Ranch (Tesla's first charger, wasn't it?) on the way north. My total time was about twelve hours, only because I love to drive. The KC charger is even better than everyone says.