Forget about a tug-of-war. Let's see a head-on collision.

Forget about a tug-of-war. Let's see a head-on collision.

What will the Cybertruck's 30X steel will do to a Ford truck with 6,000-series aluminum?

jordanrichard | 30. marraskuu 2019

First, I believe the F150 is not entirely made of aluminum, just the bed. Also, even if the front clip was aluminum, it would only be the outer panels which really don’t play any part in a collision. It is the structure/frame that comes into play.

However with that said, your point is exactly what I have been thinking about. Any other vehicle that runs into the Cybrtrk will surely be worse for it. This also brings up a question that in all of the various analysis I haven’t seen brought up, but will the truck be all of this 30x steel or a combo of that and aluminum. How does one build a crumble zone into a vehicle made with a material that clearly won’t crumple........?

andy.connor.e | 30. marraskuu 2019

Truck buyers probably never asked themselves if the aluminum truck frame is for the consumer or the company. | 30. marraskuu 2019

Tesla has a lot of experience in making cars that get 5-star ratings. I see no reason the Cybertruck can't also get such a rating. Consider every Tesla has a steel beam behind that plastic bumper. When hit in a crash, the hidden steel beam pushes into the crushable aluminum structure behind it for the crumple zone. Seems the Cybertruck would do the exact same thing, except the "beam" is the exposed front of the Cybertruck. The crumple zone could be made of aluminum or steel, but unlikely stainless steel they are using elsewhere.

Tropopause | 30. marraskuu 2019

Bring it on!

davidms12 | 30. marraskuu 2019

2017+ F150 is all aluminum.