Service appointment

Service appointment

It is now impossible to speak to a service person to determine if they have transportation/loaner car when you bring your car in for service. Making an appointment through the app does not provide this information. Calling is no longer an option. I live an hour away from a service center and cannot afford to sit for a day while it is repaired. Tesla needs to rethink this entire approach. I am driving my second S and as much as I like the car can't imagine buying another if I cannot communicate with a human being.

dwa | 03. joulukuu 2019

I agree, having experienced this same issue this week. Is this new? | 03. joulukuu 2019

Yep difficult to talk to someone in advance. Just write what you need when setting up an appointment.

If in warranty, Tesla will issue a loaner or Uber/Lift credit. If out of warranty, then you're responsible for transportation.

If it is expected to take less than a day, Uber/Lift credits are given. Less clear if you will get a loaner for longer service visits, but often they do provide a loaner. You can also request mobile service when you submit your request for service, although that is not guaranteed, and may not be possible depending on the service needed or location.

flyguy75 | 03. joulukuu 2019

Tesla service is horrible. After waiting two weeks for an appointment to fix two relatively minor issues with my new Model S Performance, I arrived at the center, only to be told it would take three days to make the repairs because the center only employees three techs. No loaners were available, only Enterprise, so I turned around and left. Great way to treat a new customer, kinda missing my Audi right now, they always treated me right. | 03. joulukuu 2019

@flyguy75 - Loaners are through Enterprise. Not sure why you didn't want a loaner car? I don't think Tesla has any Tesla owned loaners, although they used to 3-4 years ago when starting out.

In the last two service visits, I got a Model S loaner from Enterprise. Now it could be Enterprise doesn't have an S in stock when you happen to show up, but they provide other cars instead. Not sure how why you think Audi could treat you better than Tesla if you didn't even bother to let them work on the car. Perhaps something more to this. Where are you located?

flyguy75 | 04. joulukuu 2019

Sarasota FL. First of all Audi would have picked up my car and left me with an Audi loaner. Second, since they employee way more than three service techs, I would not have to wait three more days for a couple of simple repairs, after waiting two weeks to get an appointment. If I call Audi a human answers, and I have had the same service advisor for years. The Audi dealership is a place you could spend an hour or two waiting. The Tesla service center here is located in a back alley, in a grungy part of town, with a waiting room you wouldn’t want to spend ten minutes in. Finally don’t you think it’s wrong for a green company like Tesla to put their customers back into gas powered cars? Musk can cheap out on his base, but to pull in customers from other brands, he needs to up his service game.

sailfish3355 | 04. joulukuu 2019

I can text a service person at the West Palm service center...they had a loaner for me...and paid for uber to pick up new S had 300 miles on it and the rear drive motor went bad...

rxlawdude | 05. joulukuu 2019

"First of all Audi would have picked up my car and left me with an Audi loaner."

If your car is drivable? Really?

rxlawdude | 05. joulukuu 2019

Good luck with your dealership relationship when you're 1,000 miles from home!

connine | 06. joulukuu 2019

Yes to all of this. I received conflicting information about parts availability and it was impossible to speak to anyone at the Raleigh-Durham Service Center. I finally contacted my mobile service person, he responded and said he would call them for me. The entire experience was horrible. With my former car, a BMW, the service center was always always responsive. The Raleigh Service Center would not answer a simple text message. Given many people - such as myself - live long distances from a service center, Tesla has to modify its approach. This is the only thing that is making me question my purchase of a Tesla.

GHammer | 06. joulukuu 2019

I always get a Tesla loaner, in warranty or not.