Disablity Access to Super Chargers

Disablity Access to Super Chargers

Hello, I am a Tesla X owner that bought my vehicle because of the Falcon doors and the ease of loading my wheelchair. However,I have a dilemma that could occur if someone parks next to me and prevents me from exiting the vehicle. This could also prevent me from charing in an emergency when I can't simply find another charger. I would assume other people with disabilities such as walkers, crutches ect might have some difficulty. Please let's urge TESLA to create "Handicap charging stations." Please if you read this comment if you would like this feature would be helpful for you or others that you transport.

jimglas | 03. joulukuu 2019

Sounds like a reasonable request
I have seen some in the past

NKYTA | 03. joulukuu 2019

Quite a few of the SCs out there have a designated handicap stall. But certainly not all of them.