GROUP BUY: Suma Performance Convex Side Mirrors WITHOUT Blue Tint

GROUP BUY: Suma Performance Convex Side Mirrors WITHOUT Blue Tint

Hey everyone,

I've been working with Suma Performance to organize a group buy for their new convex side mirrors without the anti-glare coating (blue tint). Many people, myself included, have asked Suma to produce a version of their mirrors without the blue tint. Thank you Suma for listening to your consumers! :)

For those who are unfamiliar with convex mirrors, they provide a wider field of view to help eliminate blind spots. Check out this comparison video: The mirror in the video is Suma's standard mirror with blue tint. This group buy is for a revised version without the tint.

The mirrors are currently in the pre-order stage with an anticipated delivery of late January. Pre-order/group buy will be available today until December 27 11:59PM PST (link will be listed below).

Details on Group Buy:
-Regular price of the mirrors will be $149.95 with defroster or $179.95 with defroster + turn signals.
-Anyone who pre-orders will automatically receive a 5% discount.
-If 10 or more people pre-order we will each receive a 10% discount.
-If 20 or more people pre-order we will each receive a 20% discount.
Pre-orders are non-refundable.

So base on my calculations, if we hit 20 people your final cost will be $119.96‬ for the defroster model or $‭143.96‬ for defroster + turn signal model.

If you want to join the group buy, you can go ahead and place your pre-order. After you're finished, just post your order number in this thread (or PM me) and I'll add your name to the list. As mentioned, pre-order pricing will be at a 5% discount. Assuming we do hit our target goal of 10 or 20% discount, the difference will be refunded to you between December 18 - December 20.
Pre-order link:

Other things to note before you order:
-Shipping is $6.95 (USA) or $17 (international). Maybe I can ask Suma to offer free shipping if we hit a certain quota? ;)
-As with their regular convex mirrors, you will lose the auto-dimming feature of the OEM mirror.
-Installation of the defroster model is quite simple. Should take no more than 15-20 minutes.
-Installation of the turn-sign variant is more involved (2-3 hours) and will require taking apart panels and splicing wires.

Personal Experience:
I purchased the standard blue tinted convex mirrors and have been using them since October. Overall, I've been very satisfied with them. The additional information you gain from the wider angle really helps with lane changing. If you adjust them properly, you should have close to zero blind spots. If you've never used a convex mirror before, it could take a little bit of time to get used to. But honestly it only took me a few days before they felt normal. My one and only gripe with the mirrors was the blue tint. My car windows are already tinted (25%), and the addition of the blue tint on the mirrors made it even more difficult to see at night. Keep in mind though that other people with lighter window tints (35% or higher) have mentioned the blue tint being a non-issue for them. Without the tint you will lose any kind of glare protection, but for me that's not a big deal at all. I was never a fan of auto-dimming mirrors to begin with. Plus I prefer the normal non-blue look :)‬‬

catrx21 | 03. joulukuu 2019

I forgot to mention this is only for the Model 3.

FISHEV | 03. joulukuu 2019

So it fits over the Model 3 mirror with no issues?

That is great fix. I put one of the small blind spot mirrors on and it works fine but the blue tint makes it less useful at night and looking at the tiny mirror takes extra time so the convex mirror would be a great solution to a Model 3 blind spot issue.

I spent $1,300 for the Drydeen after market BSI system but I’d do the mirror also.

calvin940 | 03. joulukuu 2019

Go away Eagles

catrx21 | 04. joulukuu 2019

It's a replacement of your OEM glass. Should be a very simple 15 minute job. Here's a video of an install on a Model S.

FISHEV | 05. joulukuu 2019

He mentions "doing the other side", do they come in pairs to do both right and left mirrors? He also mentions the turn signal light in the Suma mirror being hard to wire but doable. I'd probably rig it up.

It looks like it would be possible to have a blind side indicator in it using the turn signal light IF there was some way to reprogram or rewire if there was something putting out a BSI signal so instead of sending turn signal to the mirror it sent blind side indication.

They are adjusting the Drydeen BSI system I added today. Ask them if there's anyway to get the BSI signal to the mirror. I'm doubting it as the base BSI seems almost analog with the vehicle fading in and out of the blind spot but maybe that's just a graphic and there is a digital on/off signal there.

jebinc | 05. joulukuu 2019


It would be helpful for all, including you, if you periodically posted the pre-order count.... Just sayin'

jebinc | 05. joulukuu 2019


I ran a group buy for mud flaps on another forum a while back (long closed), with similar pricing structure and quantities. By posting pre-order count, we ended up with over 150 pre-orders in six days (Group buy window).

catrx21 | 05. joulukuu 2019


Yes the mirrors come as a pair.

As for the turn signal install, from what I hear it's a relatively straightforward process but takes a bit of time (2-3 hours). Here's a video of someone installing it on a Tesla

I can't comment on integrating your BSI system into the mirrors since this I have no knowledge of that but you can try to contact Suma Performance on their website and see if they could provide any help. They are very good with communication.

catrx21 | 05. joulukuu 2019


Good idea! I was going to post an update once we hit 20 but probably better to do it now to help sway some people. I'm still confirming the official number of pre-orders since apparently not everyone who ordered notified me so my list of names is currently at 10 but I believe the number of actual pre-orders is at 15.

FISHEV | 05. joulukuu 2019

"try to contact Suma Performance on their website and see if they could provide any help"

Good suggestion. The electronics shop is top notch so if someone can show them how, they can do it. They looked today but didn't think there was enough current in the wire to the BSI lights they mounted to the A pillar to power the turn signal built into the Suma.

Be a great product for Suma and Rydeen as it would give Tesla owners.

1. Drives side mirror that can see blind spot.
2. Blind spot indicators in mirror/line sight.

From the posts about it, we know there's a good market for it.

catrx21 | 05. joulukuu 2019


That does sound like a great idea! Not sure how cost efficient that would be to do though? I tried Googling Drydeen BSI system to see if I could learn more about it but came up empty. Can you provide a link for some additional info?

FISHEV | 05. joulukuu 2019
FISHEV | 05. joulukuu 2019

I watched the install video link you posted. Saw his comment about the turn signal not being used and existing plug. If the Rydeen sent a single that could power the turn signal in the mirror the wiring is trivial the ship said.

FISHEV | 05. joulukuu 2019

Shop said.

catrx21 | 05. joulukuu 2019


Very nice system. I like that it's minimally invasive as far as installation goes. Also the added bonus of reverse cross traffic monitoring is great. At $1300 it's too steep for me though.

Sounds like the Rydeen would work with the Suma mirrors then?