Cybrtrk is a dump truck in disguise.....

Cybrtrk is a dump truck in disguise.....

Either the Cybrtrk has this capability already or if Tesla could via software create this capability, the pick truck could also be a dump truck. There is already a gate built into the tail gate. With the air suspension and self leveling capability, what if Tesla put in the capability of one lowering the back and raising the front, to help facilitate the dumping of gravel, dirt, etc., out of the truck’s bed......

That would be yet another serious game changer.

Madatgascar | 04. joulukuu 2019

You have to raise the bed to a serious angle to overcome friction and dump a load. Way more than they could achieve with the air suspension’s 7” movements.

vmulla | 04. joulukuu 2019

Start making a bed 4x6 bed insert that can raise one end at an angle ;)
There's a market for that.

PteRoy | 04. joulukuu 2019

“ help facilitate the dumping of gravel, dirt, etc., out of the truck’s bed......”

What do you think I had kids for?

lbowroom | 04. joulukuu 2019

That’s exactly what they did in the unveil. Elon called it load mode. Max front, min rear suspension

jordanrichard | 05. joulukuu 2019

Ok, I didn't mean stuff would literally slide out on its own, but dipping the back end and raising the front would help with unloading loose items like gravel, mulch, etc.

lbowroom | 05. joulukuu 2019

Again, great idea, already implemented and presented in the unveil.

jebinc | 05. joulukuu 2019

"Asked and answered" ;-)

lbowroom | 05. joulukuu 2019

Maybe he has me blocked

andy.connor.e | 05. joulukuu 2019

If by dump truck, you mean a truck that is dumping the competition, i agree.

jordanrichard | 05. joulukuu 2019

Ibowroom, no I don't have you blocked. I was there for the reveal but I hadn't noticed the backend sagging until the ATV was in the bed of the truck, then it self leveled. That's not what I am talking about. I am talking about lowering the backend, raising the frontend on demand.

lbowroom | 05. joulukuu 2019

"hadn't noticed the backend sagging until the ATV was in the bed of the truck, then it self leveled."

That's not what I'm talking about either. Before he loaded the ATV he talked about LOAD MODE where the rear collapsed to minimum height and the front rose to maximum height and then the dude ran the ATV up the ramp. After he closed it, it rose back up and self leveled.

andy.connor.e | 05. joulukuu 2019

I think you guys might be talking about frog insurance.

Either that, or @jordan is talking about physically lifting up the bed of the truck like an actual dump truck.

@lbowroom is talking about putting an incline on the bed by lowering the rear air suspension and raising the front air suspension.

Bighorn | 05. joulukuu 2019

I think they’re saying the exact same thing and Elon did promote and display it to facilitate ATV load up at the reveal.

lbowroom | 05. joulukuu 2019

I agree with Bighorn. I thought we were describing the same thing

andy.connor.e | 05. joulukuu 2019

frog insurance

lbowroom | 05. joulukuu 2019

It's noisy at live events and could have missed that part. the unveil is available to watch on YouTube though

WEST TEX EV | 05. joulukuu 2019

Load mode = Unload mode = lean back mode.