model3 or any tesla wifi connect to century link

model3 or any tesla wifi connect to century link

I have a Century link account in Florida that has given me some challenges in hooking up with my Model 3 and I have heard of a few other tesla owners locally with similar issues. provided you have adequate coverage to your garage (buy an extender to fix this issue several are available and they install easily). Also be sure that all systems are functioning and you have no trouble connecting other devices (in other words only your Tesla wont connect) Here is the solution if coverage is good and the car simply won't get you past the network password:

Go to your browser and sign in to your modem using the modem gui address. use the admin password which is attached to the modem on a sticker.

open the advanced setup tab.

go to LAN settings.

Go to option 4 Set the DHP Name special character state

Choose allow special characters


go back to your car and try to connect

The first try may give an ip address error

Hit retry

This worked for me. Problem solved.