Walk-Away Door Lock

Walk-Away Door Lock

Since 2019.36.2.4, the walk-away door lock on my LR RWD has been acting strangely. If I select the walk-away option on the "lock" screen it works OK for one time but it doesn't work subsequent times. When I check the selection slider on the lock screen I find that the option has been turned off. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

pilottodd2 | 18. joulukuu 2019

I am having the same issue. Looking for a fix. I am going to try to reset the Tesla and see if that works.
Post something if you find the problem/solution.

JAD | 18. joulukuu 2019

After selecting walk away lock, move the seat and re-save the profile. Sounds like it reverts back to your profiling setting of OFF.