Apple Watch as a key like an iPhone

Apple Watch as a key like an iPhone

Has anyone been able to pair a series 5 Apple Watch like an iPhone for easy access? I don’t mean the apps that send commands.

btjones34711 | 15. joulukuu 2019

Nope, not yet. But I think the hardware exists to allow the feature you describe. Tesla, would need to update the iOS app. Great idea! Tesla, are you listening?

Kary993 | 15. joulukuu 2019


NorthValley | 16. joulukuu 2019

+1 I would like the Apple Watch to be able to have some of the basic functions as the iPhone. When I drive out to a park or a lake for a run, it would be great to not have to take my phone or keycard with me.

mikegiuffre | 16. joulukuu 2019

+1 Add.The.Watch!

dan | 16. joulukuu 2019

It would be fantastic if they added an Apple Watch complication to use instead of the phone. They have already shown a willingness to ditch a traditional key. The next logical step would be to get rid of the need to carry around your phone.

Since getting an Apple Watch a year ago, I've come to the point where I frequently leave home without my phone. I'm no Apple fanboi but I can appreciate the simplicity of being able to drive my car to the store and buy something without having to carry a phone, wallet, and keys.

WEST TEX EV | 16. joulukuu 2019

Off brand:

You are right not useable as key. Plus I am pretty sure requires phone app.

Not great solution.

+1 TESLA please add watch!!! And watch App!

Kary993 | 16. joulukuu 2019

I think this would be a very cool feature for all the reasons mentioned above!

jebinc | 16. joulukuu 2019

Here’s to hoping it happens...

kevin | 17. joulukuu 2019

+1 I would use this all the time for quick errands. I usually have my phone with me, but it would be great in case I didn't have it on hand.

Effopec | 17. joulukuu 2019

I would love it for the times I go out to get something out of my car but my phone is inside on on the table.

jimmy_macd | 17. joulukuu 2019

@NorthValley "it would be great to not have to take my phone or keycard with me."

Just remember that if you leave your phone in the car it may stay unlocked.

howard | 17. joulukuu 2019


Be easier to hold my watch against the door pillar than getting my phone out and holding up.

aj | 17. joulukuu 2019

+1 for Apple Watch as key!

EVRider | 17. joulukuu 2019

I would like to see Apple Watch support too, but until we get it, is it really that big a deal to keep your keycard with you?

casun | 18. joulukuu 2019

we need this.

NorthValley | 18. joulukuu 2019

@EVRider....its no big deal at all, it would just be nice not to have to carry it!

NorthValley | 18. joulukuu 2019

@jimmy_macd...I meant that it would be nice not to have to carry the phone or keycard while running, which at the moment I do.

ronbandel | 18. joulukuu 2019

+1 Please add the watch

eztider | 18. joulukuu 2019

+1 on the watch please

Kary993 | 18. joulukuu 2019

Well the watch idea I suggested has really nothing to do with the key card. I would still need the key card for valet for example. As mentioned above there are many advantages to having a watch open the car from being locked out in your own garage because the phone is in the house to just running to the store and paying with apple pay and never bringing a phone or wallet. I think it is yet another differentiator for Tesla to offer this.

NorthValley | 18. joulukuu 2019

BMW have offered an Apple Watch App to lock/unlock, change climate controls and see available range for their vehicles for a few years now

WEST TEX EV | 18. joulukuu 2019


Apple Watch as BT Key.
Apple Watch App!

Kary993 | 18. joulukuu 2019

@NorthValley - the only problem with that statement is their car sucks and we through third party have apps on phones and watches as what's the point?

EVRider | 18. joulukuu 2019

Even if (and hopefully when) Tesla provides Apple Watch support, you're still taking your chances if you don't have your key card, because sometimes the phone key doesn't work and presumably the same would be true of the Watch. I always have a key card as backup for my phone key, and although I haven't needed to use it yet, the first time I forget it will be the first time I need it. :-)

Kary993 | 18. joulukuu 2019

Never had an issue trying to get into my car with iPhone and not being able to get in at all.