Where will Cybertruck be manufactured?

Where will Cybertruck be manufactured?

Hoping it will be GF1 but I haven't heard a thing. They have plenty of room for expansion at GF1 and battery and drivetrain components coming off the line right there. Seems like a good starting point for distribution also. Anyone out there heard anything on this topic?

David N | 21. joulukuu 2019

Elon has been pretty tight lipped lately on such information. It took awhile for the decision for Y to be released. Probably had to do so serious "rearranging" at Freemont to make sure it would fit.
I have always been fascinated at their rapid growth in all areas of auto manufacturing. These factories/assemble lines have got to be tens of millions if not hundreds of millions each. Yet Elon manages to, well, frankly, "just getter done".
We are witnessing something unprecedented in recent times.
Speaking of where the Cybertruck will be manufactured, what about the Semi? The Roadster?
Lot on his plate. I think a lot of us are wondering the same thing. We will have to stay tuned! | 22. joulukuu 2019

My guess is also the Nevada GF. No paint shop and perhaps very little metal stamping, so the need to be at Fremont is not so great as other vehicles.

rob | 22. joulukuu 2019

Are there any plans for another GF in US? Or just expansion. | 22. joulukuu 2019

@rob - No announced US GF plans have been announced. They still have room at Fremont and Nevada. Once China and Berlin GFs come online, it will free up space at USA GFs for new products too.

andy.connor.e | 22. joulukuu 2019


billtphotoman | 22. joulukuu 2019

Selfishly I am hoping for here in Texas because a) Texas is the largest truck market and b) it might finally break the TADA (Texas Auto Dealership Association) stranglehold on the legislature and eliminate the Tesla-hostile legislation. But, I agree with @TeslaTap that Nevada makes the most sense.

rob | 22. joulukuu 2019

@billtphotoman. That's exactly what I was hoping for. Hey, SpaceX is here. Perfect fit.

sbeggs | 22. joulukuu 2019

Definitely agree!

Ross1 | 22. joulukuu 2019

What is wrong with the tent?
No rust (on the SS)
No paint shop

TabascoGuy | 23. joulukuu 2019

GF1 is tapped out as far as employee resources go. They can add on to the building but they need people to work there. It will take time to get more people moved into the area.

I suspect the next two GF's will be in the states and much closer to larger population centers.

michelrozon | 26. joulukuu 2019

How about a GF in Canada?

Ross1 | 26. joulukuu 2019

How about thinking just how easy it might be to build CT, that is its whole raison d'etre.
So it could be built regionally just like the Model T every country, every city. In Africa. India. Australia. Everywhere man. The South Pole.

jordanrichard | 26. joulukuu 2019

Yes, currently Fremont is maxed out, but that will subside as the Model 3s for the Asian market are made in China.

Ross1 | 26. joulukuu 2019

3 and Y will struggle to keep up with the domestic market.
How will they get from 1% to 10-30-50% of the market?

Ross1 | 26. joulukuu 2019

CT will be built to proof of concept locally to head office, then the machine which builds the machine will be built anywhere and everywhere. Just like Model T 100 years ago.

bogunsjohn2000 | 27. joulukuu 2019

I would like to drive a Cybertruck eventually (specially during the Summer). How about if I rent it for delivery or cargo services while I am not using it? I was reading that a Model X for example can be rented for US$190/day. A Model 3 is about US$150 and it averages 10 days rented per month. A ford F-150 is about US$130/day at Budget. I estimate I could get at least US$200/day for the Cybertruck. Any ideas on whether this is financially feasible?

andy.connor.e | 27. joulukuu 2019


Turo might be what you're thinking of.

jordanrichard | 27. joulukuu 2019

Financially it's impossible to rent a Cybrtrk, for the next almost 18 months.

andy.connor.e | 27. joulukuu 2019