No response to request for solar info

No response to request for solar info

I own a Model 3. I've finally gotten to the point where I'm prepared to move forward with solar. I put in two requests from my Tesla account with no response. A neighbor had used Tesla, so they provided me with their contact info. One person apparently has left the company as I received no response to an email to them. The second contact I received an out of office due to pregnancy with contact info for Supervisor. Called that person and left voice mail with no response.

Are they so busy taking care of California customers that they don't need the business?

It would be nice to at least receive an email stating why they aren't responding. I particularly want to go with Tesla because I am interested in some amount of Powerwall along with the Solar.

Passion2Fly | 22. joulukuu 2019

I would suggest considering local installers. Tesla is not always the best option.

bp | 23. joulukuu 2019

Have you tried the online chat available on the Tesla website's Energy pages?

Atom12 | 23. joulukuu 2019

Placing an order costs $100 (one hundred dollars). Fully refundable. That's what I did. I liked what I heard. So, I went with it. Panels and Powerwalls.

bcmusik | 25. joulukuu 2019

I can say for sure that they are busy but it’s not limited to California customers. I’m sure after the New Years they will be a little easier to reach.

bp | 25. joulukuu 2019

Also possible Tesla repeated what they've done in the past - and shifted some of the solar resources to help deliver every vehicle they can before year end.

If Musk is serious about increasing revenue from their Energy products, they're going to need to demonstrate they can support sales, installation and service.

A simple first step would be to fix this forum - so that it's the same as the other forums...

pruimerman | 29. joulukuu 2019

Thanks for all the responses. I didn't want to go with a local installer as no one has a solid recommendation in Connecticut, other than the people that will install Tesla panels and I prefer to start and Tesla and have them dispatch the local people. I wasn't aware of the $100 starting installation fee, I may go ahead and try that. It is a shame that they don't at least have an automated reply recommending that. To make now 3 requests online and receive absolutely no response is not very encouraging. Of course I didn't even get any notification that I had responses on this forum.

will_peck | 31. joulukuu 2019

I created a reservation for 2 PowerWalls in November and didn't even get email confirmation for it. I did call a few weeks later and was told that contacting by Tesla for my exact requirements will happen 2-3 months later, instead of listed on the website 1 week.

I am in Connecticut as well and plan to use Tesla for installation. I already have sizable solar system installed so Tesla equipment would be used for backup battery and disconnect switch only.