Destination Charging in Europe - Type 2 or CCS

Destination Charging in Europe - Type 2 or CCS

Having had one bad experience with Destination Charging I now check the Hotel out to confirm that they have suitable and working equipment. Planning a Portugal holiday I notice that one EV charging site portrays many Destination Charging hotel as using CCS by employing a CCS symbol. The Tesla site just states that there is a 22 Kw Tesla charger but gives no further details.

Does anybody know if Tesla are fitting CCS to Destination Charging sites now? Or is this just a case of the EV website being sloppy and guessing?

mickel.werner | 25. joulukuu 2019

Been all over Europe this year, 20K km, using almost only destination chargers, and have NEVER seen a Tesla CCS destination charger. Don't think they exist.

martin | 26. joulukuu 2019

Why should a destination charger use CCD? Destination charging is AC charging and thus requires no CCS.