Version 10.2?

Version 10.2?

I received an inbox message from Tesla app and it says:

"Arriving Soon: Software Update Version 10.2."

What is version 10.2? I have seen many threads that talk about 2019.50.x.x but nothing about version 10.2?

It also says:

"Start with Camp Mode for added comfort in your next camping experience or explore the latest additions to Tesla Arcade and Theater - plus text message support and voice improvements.

You'll automatically receive Version 10.2 based on your location and vehicle configuration over the next week - you can't request the update. Connect to WiFi or a mobile hotspot to download and install quicker. Once installed, tap the Tesla 'T' to view the release notes and learn more about the latest update."


pnagy | 24. joulukuu 2019

I figured it out. I looked at my current software version on the monitor of my car, not Tesla app and it showed 10.1 (2019.40.2.1).

Now it's downloading and installing Version 10.2.



jebinc | 24. joulukuu 2019

v10.2 and 40.50.1 = Same thing.

pnagy | 24. joulukuu 2019

Thanks but still confusing. Why have two different version numbers that are the same thing. I am a retired software engineer and I've never used multiple versions that mean the same thing.

Anyway, no matter, I very much enjoy my new Tesla.


jefjes | 24. joulukuu 2019

This kinda got me for a few seconds until I remembered that the firmware went from v9 to v10 earlier this year and after downloading my latest OTA today it now shows the firmware as v10.2 and the software as 40.50.1. Which by the way destroyed my use of voice commands instead of giving me more but this is covered in another thread on here.

dejuknow | 27. joulukuu 2019

2019.40.50.1 is the build number. 10.2 is the version number. Within software engineering, you continuously create builds throughout the development lifecycle, but only release select builds which are then assigned a version number using some versioning policy (like semantic versioning).

rob | 27. joulukuu 2019

You can use the voice command:
"Show software version"

It will display it upon the screen.

mpautler | 27. joulukuu 2019

Version 10.2 also shows stop signs and stoplights on your screen. Hopefully the car will learn to stop when it sees them.

gabtesz | 27. joulukuu 2019

Anybody experienced problems with the Voice Command after installing the latest version 2019.40.50.1 ?. Voice Command does not respond to any of my voice commands.

rxlawdude | 27. joulukuu 2019

@gabtesz, widely reported known issue.

bassel | 30. joulukuu 2019

Does anyone know if the 10.2 update will allow the testing feature on pre 2016 model s?

bassel | 30. joulukuu 2019


raidrsj | 15. tammikuu 2020

I got the message about 10.2 in my inbox on Christmas Eve that said I would get the update in the next week, and now 3+ weeks later, still no update.

stingray.don | 16. tammikuu 2020


Are you connected to WiFi?

EVRider | 16. tammikuu 2020

To increase your chances of getting any update, make sure the software update setting under Controls > Software is set to Advanced, and park where you have both LTE and WiFi access (WiFi without LTE is not enough).

raidrsj | 01. maaliskuu 2020

Yes I am connected to WiFi every night at home and software setting has been set to advanced since that update. It’s frustrating and Tesla says it’s fine and I’m up to date even though I’m on v10.1

EVRider | 02. maaliskuu 2020

@raidrsj: Do you also have a good LTE signal where you park? You need that too.