The 2019 numbers are in!!

The 2019 numbers are in!!

In 2019 the auto market was lower in sales overall (minus 1.3 percent in the U.S.). U.S. automaker (and energy storage company) Tesla however, delivered an astounding number of vehicles. The California based automaker delivered 367,500 vehicles, with 112K of those being delivered in 4Q 2019. The rapid pace of innovation has been buzzing around this company for quite some time, and now it appears it is only the beginning.

According to the vehicle sales figures, Tesla has made an approximate 50 percent jump in sales over the previous year. This impressive year over year rise in sales has taken place prior to the Shanghai, China Gigafactory 3’s official opening. The China plant recently delivered it’s first set of 15 vehicles (to employees) at the end of December, 2019.

With an estimated vehicle production capacity of 500K vehicles per year at the Shanghai plant, along with the upcoming production of the Model Y, Tesla is sure to better these delivery numbers for 2020.

Sources: | 04. tammikuu 2020

Good for Tesla. Great for the world.

andy.connor.e | 04. tammikuu 2020

Tesla is the best anti-establishment since the anti-trust/monopoly act.

crt6598 | 08. tammikuu 2020

...and the Apocalypse begins. Giga 3 is live!. Go Tesla GO!!