Aussie SafeTeslas, 2 outta 3 tops!

Aussie SafeTeslas, 2 outta 3 tops!

Yes, more safety awards for the engineering crews at Tesla! Congrats Teams!!!

MB CLA cracked in there too, but the X and the 3 are tops as well.

BadgerErickson | 05. tammikuu 2020

So we have the SAME 3-5 IDs in here, who pile up the negative news/stories/reports about Tesla. They refuse to comment on the positive news, everyday. How is this?

The SAME people try to bully/harass the positive people out of the conversation. Who are they and where are they?

Tesla-David | 05. tammikuu 2020

Thanks for the positive news @BadgerErickson, I wonder where the MS ranked as it usually is in the top categories as well for safety? | 05. tammikuu 2020

Nice report!