What is the warranty on Michelin's PRIMACY MXM4?

What is the warranty on Michelin's PRIMACY MXM4?

When I took my car in to upgrade my computer, the Tesla rep mentioned that the tread on my rear tires were pretty low and I might want to replace them. I only have 14K miles on my car.

1. I vaguely recall reading that sometimes one can get a partial rebate if tires wear out faster than expected. I've never had tires wear out this quickly, so I have no personal experience with this. Anyone out there know if that's the case?

2. Given how quickly these tires have worn out, I am wondering if PRIMACY MXM4's are still the best option for my car (LR RWD.) I've read that Continental's EXTREMECONTACT DWS 06 are a good alternative: do they also have noise deadening foam?

3. Would it make sense to replace just the rear tires, even if I switch to the DWS 06's?

pnagy | 08. tammikuu 2020

Go to and you will find the warranty information there.


pnagy | 08. tammikuu 2020

Tire Rack says:

Treadlife Warranty: 6 Years / 55,000 Miles (H- & V-Speed Rated) 6 Years / 45,000 Miles (W-, Y-, & Z-Speed Rated) Half mileage for rear if different size than front

Uniformity Warranty: 1 Year / first 2/32" of wear


TexasBob | 08. tammikuu 2020
vmulla | 08. tammikuu 2020

Start here. Info about the tire wear, warranty, claiming refund, places to buy the tire, and alternative tire choices are covered here:

vmulla | 08. tammikuu 2020

I believe the stock MXM4s are still a great option.
My car's tires wore out 50% @ 8k miles. I changed my driving habits and my tires were eventually replaced at 25K.
I'm protecting my second tire set to last 40-45K

It's not the tire or the car, it's the driving pattern that's affecting the wear. Fun car = spirited driving = fast tire wear

coselectric | 08. tammikuu 2020

I replaced the MXM4's with CrossClimate+. I think they handle a little better on snow/ice, although it's hard to say for sure. I do not notice they are any noisier, makes me think the acoustic foam is overrated and/or just good marketing. If you don't care about winter driving I'm sure there are probably touring options out there.

I think the rapid tire wear is due to regenerative braking, the weight of the vehicle, and "spirited" driving habits. I guess if you wanted maximum tire life you should run in chill mode with low regen. (But... booooooring...)

I got 16.5K miles on the factory MXM4's. I filed a warranty claim with Michelin, has taken about 6 or 7 weeks but they told me earlier this week that the check is in the mail (not sure how much yet though). For Michelin to honor the warranty, it is important that the tires wore evenly, so be sure to rotate - especially if you have a RWD model. I have read that the AWD models wear fairly evenly as a matter of course, but it still can't hurt to rotate them.

rasinas | 08. tammikuu 2020

I had 31k on mine and I contacted Michelin. They said OEM tires weren't covered but they created a case number to use at a approved tire center. I went to Americas tire and they were able to comp me to cost of 1 tire. I went with the same MXM4s for the cost of 3.

pnagy | 08. tammikuu 2020

If I would replace tires, I would pick with the highest UTQG rating which I believe it means longer thread life or lowest wear rating.


johnw | 09. tammikuu 2020

I got a nice warranty price when I went to discount tires at 25k

gballant4570 | 09. tammikuu 2020

I never got 14k out of mine either.

RES IPSA | 09. tammikuu 2020

I called Michelin a few months ago, and they will not honor the warranty. They told me that they would offer some sort of discount if I bought new Michelin tires and to have the tire store call them.

I can find 4 comparable tires installed for less than $500 versus $1200 for the Michelin OEM tires.

gballant4570 | 09. tammikuu 2020

RES IPSA, I think I spent about $700 on the replacements, no regrets. Already put 10k on them, and will see 20k or more out of them. Efficiency took a small hit though - but I can live with that....

vmulla | 09. tammikuu 2020

Replacement Michelin's under warranty were a no brainier for me because of the discount. Tesla did the research and put those tires on the car, I trust their pick and I'm not saving much my going with an other option.

rxlawdude | 09. tammikuu 2020

The MXM4s do have one advantage, and that's LRR efficiency. I replaced the M3 with Pilot Sport AS/3+ and there's about a 6% hit, even after breaking them in and running them near maximum psi.

I've been fascinated by the specs and reviews of the CrossClimate+ and the all-weather Nokians (for those once a year snow encounters), but have stuck more to the mainstream. I will definitely go back to LRR tires and away from the Pilot Sports.

But you can't go wrong with the MXM4s, if you can find them at a reasonable price.