Oppenheimer boosts price target above $600

Oppenheimer boosts price target above $600

Teslas stock surges after Oppenheimer boosts price target above $600
8:16 AM ET 1/13/20 | MarketWatch

Shares of Tesla Inc.(TSLA) surged 2.3% in premarket trading Monday, after Oppenheimer analyst Colin Rusch boosted his stock price target by nearly 60% to over $600, saying he believes the electric vehicle maker has reached "critical scale" sufficient to support sustainable positive free cash flow (FCF).

jordanrichard | 13. tammikuu 2020

Just saw. It will be interesting to see what happens when the market does open. | 13. tammikuu 2020

$509 - Up 6% today

jordanrichard | 13. tammikuu 2020

Closed at $524 today

OrthoSurg | 13. tammikuu 2020

Oh god, we created a monster

thomas.hitchcock | 14. tammikuu 2020

I keep telling myself I plan on owning my Tesla stock for the long haul...but if this rally continues and the price reaches $800/share...I might go ahead and sell and then buy back when something like the first FSD accident happens.

andy.connor.e | 14. tammikuu 2020

haha thomas. thats a true thinker

SCCRENDO | 14. tammikuu 2020

An interesting prediction from the Blackrock CEO. What we are seeing with TSLA could be part of a new direction that the market is taking.

jordanrichard | 14. tammikuu 2020

SCCRENDO +1. The fossil fuel industry relies heavily on financing to expand and keep their operations going. Once that money trough starts drying up, companies will starting filling for bankruptcy. I am sure this what has contributed to the bankruptcies in the coal industry.

BumblebeEV | 16. tammikuu 2020

When to buy more

At 450?
What price is a « discount » now?

SCCRENDO | 16. tammikuu 2020

Tesla will split tenfold. You can then pick up tons of shares at $60-70.

jordanrichard | 17. tammikuu 2020

"Tesla will split tenfold. You can then pick up tons of shares at $60-70." I am all for that.